Bikes for sale: Ridgeback Panorama. Ellis Briggs, 21.5ins frame, 3. Youngs of Lewisham, 21.5ins frame


De Skieven Architek... aka Penfold + Horace
Posting on behalf of Graeme, a Cycling UK NE member, who has the following three bikes for sale. They are all quality bikes that he says are in excellent condition and he is looking for best offers over £500 each.

The chainrings on all three bikes are almost identical, the chainrings being 48, 36, 28 (the Ridgeway has 26 as the smallest chainring) with cassettes of 11-32.

If you or anyone you know is interested in any of them, or wants any further information, please post on here and I will send you a PM with Graeme's contact details, or PM your contact details to me and I will pass them onto Graeme to contact you.

I've warned him to expect lots of queries and requests for more photos! [I'd buy the Ridgeback if I could face selling my 1982 Dawes!]

The following information is all from Graeme:

1. Ridgeback Panorama, medium frame
This bike cost £1,400 new in 2018.

2. Ellis Briggs, 21.5ins frame
To buy an equivalent Ellis Briggs now would cost about £2,600.

3. Youngs of Lewisham, 21.5ins frame
This bike was restored, rechromed and re-enamelled in 2016 at a cost of £1,100.
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