1. TTSS

    SOLD: 56 cm Ridgeback World Voyage Touring Bike.

    In lovely condition and rides like a dream. The shifting is flawless. Measures 56 cm from the centre of the bottom bracket to the top of the seat clamp. Top tube is 54 cm. Frame: Reynolds 520. Fork chromoly Gears Shimano Sora/Deore, Alivio chainset Wheels Shimano RM70 hubs & Alex ACE-19...
  2. N

    Sold Pink Ridgeback Melody - 16" wheels

    Pink Ridgeback Melody with 16" wheels Aluminium frame. Tyres still have a great level of tread depth, although starting to crack around the sides. Brake pads have plenty of life left in them. The frame has age related marks as shown in the photos, but overall in good condition. By kids...
  3. TTSS

    Sold - Ridgeback World Panorama 50 cm - Brooks B17 & Carradice. Photos Added. £395

    It's in excellent condition. There are no dinks or dents to the frame. There is a very small scratch to the front fork but that's about it. I've attempted to photograph it but it's so faint, you can't really see it but I thought I should mention it. There also a couple of stone chips on the...
  4. jay clock

    Ridgeback Panorama Deluxe SOLD

    now SOLD Ridgeback Panorama Deluxe World Series, Reynolds 853 TRP HY-RD cable operated hydraulic disc brakes. spare set of pads Sora STI Groupset 9 speed - spare hanger 50-39-30 chainset. No pedals (corrected, originally i had it as 34 small ring) 36T cassette Spa cycles handbuilt wheels. LX...
  5. All uphill

    51cm Spa, Ridgeback, or similar, touring bike.

    Ms AU is looking for a comfortable do-it-all bike. Preferably drop bar. Needs to have 30mm or above tyres and take a rack. Anything lurking at the back of your bike shed? Thanks.
  6. Arjimlad

    Ridgeback Dimension 24 Sold!

  7. wiggydiggy

    [Withdrawn] Ridgeback Flight 04 2016 - Shimano Alfine

    £300 or make me an offer (via PM for offers please) Ridgeback Flight 04 2016 - Link . 58cm (Large) - I am 6'0" for comparison and found it comfortable. The bike is a 2016 model purchased in 2017 (have receipt) and has done less than 50 miles since 2018. It has been stored inside in a smoke...
  8. Toe Clip


    Pu Purchased May 20 from Blazing Saddles in Hebden Bridge. Selling due to upgrading. The cycle is in very good condition save for one or two scuff marks etc due to use And has covered about 1k miles since purchase. The images show a few extras ie rear light and a Brooks B17 Saddle etc...
  9. Chief Broom

    Dawes Discovery 201 versus Ridgeback Comet

    I like the simplicity of these 2 bikes, no disk brakes or carbon forks to worry about and ideal for home maintenance, cheap too! So which is the best buy? I like the look of the comet over the discovery but the discovery has great reviews...hmmm.... Any advice much appreciated! ^_^
  10. B

    Ridgeback World Horizon for sale

  11. B

    Help to value a ridgeback

    As warned, I'm back. Further to my recent posts I have now picked up the other bike I mentioned. It's a Ridgeback Horizon World. In very clean and shiny condition. Struggling to find a comparison for sale to get a value. Any help on where to pitch it would be greatly appreciated. Also was...
  12. GuyBoden

    SOLD: Ridgeback Flight 03 (60cm) £200

    Ridgeback Flight 03 £200 Hybrid bike Hydraulic disc brakes with new pads. Size 60cm (Top of Seat post to c/c chainring.) Size fits a person around 6 foot or above. I'm just over 6 foot and it is a good fit. Good Condition well maintained. New Deore Rear Mech long cage, the cassette has a...
  13. Archie_tect

    Bikes for sale: Ridgeback Panorama. Ellis Briggs, 21.5ins frame, 3. Youngs of Lewisham, 21.5ins frame

    Posting on behalf of Graeme, a Cycling UK NE member, who has the following three bikes for sale. They are all quality bikes that he says are in excellent condition and he is looking for best offers over £500 each. The chainrings on all three bikes are almost identical, the chainrings being 48...
  14. A

    Ridgeback MX16 Terrain (Kids bike Age 3+)

    Singlespeed, 16in wheels. Comes with 2 free working bells and some noisy spoke thingies! Optional stabiliser wheels included. Had two not very careful owners so the edges of the pedals have broken off and there are holes in the handlebar grips. Easy to replace and the rest is as good as new...
  15. Z

    Ridgeback Dimension 20

    Ridgeback childs bike for sale. A little over 3 years old. In very good condition. A few small marks, but nothing of any note. It's been ridden and cherished by grandson No 1 throughout its 3 year life. Only selling as he's outgrown it. Any excuse for me to buy him a new one. 7 gears on a...
  16. robgul

    Ridgeback Panorama Touring bike - 2018, small

    This belongs to a friend of mine - she bought the bike new in 2018 and the shop changed the bars and saddle to suit her - the original bars and saddle have now been fitted back on the bike and are unused, it's also just been serviced. The bike is in good condition - it's done a couple of 10 day...
  17. R

    Ridgeback expedition ?

    Hi all, still new here but pulled the trigger on a 2019 ridgeback expedition so have spent the day sorting bars, saddle, pedals etc. The question I have though, particularly to owners of said bike is, on the rear of the stem tube and under the top tube is a small round/pointed “nipple” for want...
  18. oldfatfool

    Ridgeback Panorama world tour

    Decided to sell my trusty Panorama, bought 2011, 725 Reynolds. https://www.cyclingweekly.com/reviews/touringaudax-bikes/bike-test-ridgeback-panorama-1249-99 In addition there are a separate set of Mavic 319 wheels built on XT hubs with new conti contact tyres (32mm) complete with 11-34...
  19. Dirk

    *SOLD* Ridgeback 'Tour' 2017 - Alloy touring bike for sale *SOLD*

  20. Dirk

    SOLD***Ridgeback World Tour 'Voyage' - steel touring bike***SOLD

    NOW SOLD Reluctantly selling my 2015 Ridgeback Voyage due to buying a new bike. Running out of garage space! The bike is the same as the one pictured but comes with a handlebar bag, panniers, Cateye rack light, two bottle cages & Shimano A530 pedals. It has been converted to mini V brakes - a...
  21. Nibor

    Ridgeback expedition 2018 £750 little use price drop £600

    Advertising for a friend if interested let me know and I will put you in touch. Injury forces the sale sale of my Ridgeback Expedition (2018) Large. Complete with Carradice Super C RackPack, Front and rear Lezyne Strip Lights, Track and small pump, Lezyne Macro Computer and Tudor York Jack and...
  22. X

    Ridgeback Platinum 2012 geometry?

    Hi all, Been having a bit of trouble finding the fram geometry charts for the 2012 Ridgeback Platinum (as I've read on other places Ridgeback have revamped their website, and thus all the old stuff is gone....). Was wondering if anyone on here still has an old geometry chart for the bike? It's...
  23. Cuddly Ocelot

    Ridgeback Expedition (Large) 2018

    Hi, Three week old Ridgeback Expedition Cycle (2018) ridden for less than 20 miles. Comes with Carradice Rack Pack; Lezyne 300 front and rear strip lights; track pump; high mount cycle carrier; Altura Jacket (XL); Specialised Helmet. Have all the receipts to prove ownership. Located near...
  24. Jamieyorky

    Ridgeback Tour 2017

    My Ridgeback Tour is up for sale having recently bought a Hybrid to cycle with my daughter. Frame size 54cm. As new condition this was ridden a mile to work once in a blue moon. This is the 2017 model. As new condition. Looking for around £400. Bike is also on Gumtree. Cash on collection from...
  25. TTSS

    56cm/22" Ridgeback World Panorama Reynolds 725 Frame & Forks

    Selling a lovely 56cm Ridgeback World Panorama Frame and Forks in metallic blue. Has braze ons for front and rear rack, front and rear mudguards and canti brakes. Will take 3 bottle holders. In lovely condition and I think the best colour. Comes with the headset, front brake guide and seat...
  26. Jamieyorky

    Frame pump for a Ridgeback Tour

    Eversince i have had my Ridgeback tour ive always wanted the frame pump whats supposed to go with it but i'm struggling to find one. Can anyone help me please? Its to fit on hear :
  27. cosmicbike

    Ridgeback MX24 - SOLD

    My boy has outgrown this now. Had new RD and hanger, grip shifters changed to rapid fire. Reasonable condition , has its fair share of marks but mechanically sound. £45
  28. Paulq

    Dawes vs Ridgeback.

    Hi all I was previously a very keen cyclist until old injuries (and age) took their toll on me a couple of years ago. I have been pottering about on an e-bike for a while but have now reached a stage where I feel well enough to get another 'real bike'. I'll be using it to up my fitness and...
  29. GuyBoden

    RidgeBack Panorama World tourer £320

    Not my bike, I nearly bought it. I was very, very close to buying this, but it's a little too small for me. A great bike. RidgeBack Panorama world tourer. A classic bike. £320 Tarporley. https://www.gumtree.com/p/bicycles/Ridgeback-Panorama-Touring-Cycle/1244255421
  30. M

    Which headset for ridgeback cylcone hybrid ?

    HI all I have an old ridgeback cyclone, its about 10 years old and the headset bearing need replacing, The one that's fitted has cane creek printed on it. However I don't know which ones to buy. How do I find out or does anybody know , Thanks
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