Bikes on Trains (Virgin Trains specifically)


So I'm looking to take my bike on a train journey from Leighton Buzzard to Blackpool North on Thursday with the return journey on Sunday. Both journeys have two changes. Two of the operators I'll be traveling with allow bikes without reservations. The third, delightful Virgin Trains, says I need to make a reservation.

So I phoned Virgin up on the number they suggested. First they tell me that the bike spaces were simply "not available", which I didn't quite understand, and eventually she told me that there weren't any spaces left, which seems to me like a much clearer way of putting it!

She proceeded to tell me I need to check with the relevant stations and its at "their discretion" regarding whether my bike's allowed on a given train, and that I should phone each station in advance. Is this advice correct? Honestly this seems about as clear as mud at the moment.

I was hoping using my bike might be the easier option when compared to traveling via Leighton Buzzard's woeful bus service, however at this rate I'm starting to have my doubts!

Thanks for any advice you can give.


EDIT : Turns out I phoned the number which you call to buy a train ticket along with a bike reservation...woops. I phoned a different number and they were more helpful and it appears I have the necessary reservations. Still, any advice people may have would be appreciated :smile:


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TBH I think Virgin are just covering thier arses when they say something like that. I think I'd risk it and turn up at the station and blag it.

As a foot note I'm having the same issue with East Midlands at the moment with my morning ride into work. Eight months I've been getting the train and only since Wednesday am I supposed to have a resi. Where's the consistency I asked the Jobsworth guard? A blank expression was what I got in return by someone who probably has not cummed in the last year other then under her own steam.

I presume you are getting the train from Leighton be buggered to MK and then changing up North somewhere? Have a good trip mate.
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