Billy no mates, Channel to the Med

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Well not quite but none of my mates have the time for a trip Channel to the Med, so I'm putting out feelers for any like minded cyclists who might want to join me.

I'm looking into doing this trip next year, possibly June or Mid September, I intend to cycle across France ending up in Narbonne to get the Bike Express back to the UK. Intend to spend 10/12 days overall so about 70/80 miles a day. Carrying minimal luggage in panniers and staying in B&B accommodation pre booked if possible.
I'm in my mid 60's fit and healthy, regularly cycle 150 miles per week generally over 3 rides, average speed generally 13-15mph, and have completed 3 Coast to Coast trips and one LeJog. I have considered doing this with one of the tour groups however being a bit tight I reckon two people sharing a room can do this trip all in for about £1000 as opposed to the £1600 to £2000 it will cost with a regular tour group.

Downsides are my French is appalling, I can order a beer and a fromage and jambon sandwich but that's about it!

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There are a couple French trips on - in the Journals etc

Roughly what sort of route are you looking at? [The Wine-ding Down Through France trip I did was Calais - Arras - Reims - Dijon - Saone/Rhone Valley - Avignon - Camargue - Montpellier and the Bike Express home]


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I haven't got a route cast in stone, certainly I want to get 700 to 800 miles under my belt and it would be shame to go all that way and not grab a col but I am very flexible. For me cycling is as much the camaraderie as the journey so at the moment every thing is open.
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