Biphasic sleeping


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Not so much 'operate best', but I do find that if I go to bed early (say around 10/11), I can pretty much predict that I'll wake up again at about 1/2am, and have to get up for a few hours before going back to bed again. If I go to be around now though, I'll sleep through until mid-late morning! :wacko:


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If allowed to free-run, I tend towards biphasic but occasionally my brain will say "sleep, now" without any kind of meaningful pattern.

I'm not narcoleptic, and I've never had a long-term sleep study done, but I definitely have some form of circadian disorder, every night I sleep later and every morning I wake later, over the course of a month I tend to have gone full circle, which as you can imagine is non-optimal for anyone trying to get their shoot together.

Working shifts was hell for me, not the 6pm-6am itself, but having to flip from one shift to another turned me into a zombie.

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I sleep like a cat, with frequent catnaps interrupted by brief waking periods, but overall it seems to work OK, because I still feel rested after most nights.


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I can sleep anytime, anywhere, in the middle of anything. A skill one learns quickly in the army.

Maybe once a week or so I have an afternoon inspection of my eyelids while "watching" tv.
Aye one of the essential 'skills' in the forces along with being able to 'brew up' virtually anywhere, scrounge food and nick anything that's not nailed down (plus a few things that were) *

*SIL was in the Royal Engineers, better known as the 'hydraulics' cos they could lift anything.


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I’m a triphasic sleeper when allowed. Work fine with 0100-0600 so long as I get another hour before 1600, and, depending on other variables like work and domestics, a late evening power nap (@Drago like “ eyelid examination” 😄). I can sleep anywhere at will.


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Now that I am in my mid-60s and not going out to work any longer, I find that my sleep pattern is becoming increasingly odd!

Typically, I go to bed between 02:30 and 04:00 and get to sleep between 03:30 and 05:00. If I didn't have anything planned the next day I would wake up between 10:00 and 10:30 so that would be five to seven hours sleep. (If I have guests, it would be more like 09:00 to 09:30.)

If I have a blood test (usually at 08:45) I would get up at about 08:00 no matter what time I went to sleep.

If I had to leave home at 09:00 for a long bike ride, I'd get up at 07:00 (even if I'd only had three or four hours sleep) because I like to eat a big breakfast two hours before setting off.

If I am out doing things all day then I don't feel too bad from lack of sleep, but if I am working on my laptop at home then I always doze off a couple of times in the afternoon. If I didn't have a nap in the afternoon then I would have one in the evening after eating.

If I went to bed very late, got up for an early breakfast, went out early for an all-day ride, got home at (say) 23:00 without having had the chance to have a nap at any point in the day then I'd have a quick shower, something to eat, and probably start to flag a little by midnight so I'd be in bed by 00:30 and probably asleep by 01:00. But then I might wake up after five or six hours, play a couple of games of Sudoku/Spider Solitaire/(whatever) on my tablet and go back to sleep again when I could no longer concentrate.

Hmm, here's a coincidence... I was drawn to this thread by the title, not being aware of what biphasic sleeping is, then I went off to check the news on the BBC website and found THIS!


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I was drawn to this thread by the title, not being aware of what biphasic sleeping is
I’d never heard the term either, until I started rifling through Google after more than a few conversations with my wife about my eccentric sleep patterns. Biphasic or even triphasic don’t quite do it justice, though generally, I’m happiest keeping busy in the post-midnight hours, bookended with some kip.


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See pepys about sleeping patterns
And nocturnal omissions:
I went to lie down in a chamber in the house, where in another bed there was a pretty Dutch woman in bed alone, but though I had a month’s-mind I had not the boldness to go to her. So there I slept an hour or two. At last she rose, and then I rose and walked up and down the chamber, and saw her dress herself after the Dutch dress, and talked to her as much as I could, and took occasion, from her ring which she wore on her first finger, to kiss her hand, but had not the face to offer anything more. So at last I left her there and went to my company.
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