Bit of good driving for a change

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Thought i'd report a bit of good driving, i was cycling past Buncefield oil terminal earlier and i could hear an petrol tanker approaching behind me. I had about 500 yards or so to go before i came to a roundabout and thought the tanker might overtake, but i was chipping along at about 22mph and he just sat on my tail until we hit the roundabout. A quick glance round and a cheery wave from me and i got a blast or 2 from his air horn;) So thanks mr. tanker driver, not everyone on the road is an ar$ehole



I find the standard of driving better than ever before

but it does make the inconsiderate and dangerous driving all the more noticeable and objectionable


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Drivers of big lorries seem to be the most considerate drivers from my experience. Regularly had good 'communication' with them - a lot travel the stretch of the A52 that makes the larger part of my route, which has a lot of pinch points - they always hang back happilly when it's not totally safe to overtake (even though they could overtake), and I always move out of the way for them when I can. Friendly toots are regularly exchanged :smile:

I expect this is a lot to do with lorry drivers having a lot more riding on being well behaved than the average driver - they have a lot more to lose if they get in trouble than just a few points or a small fine, so they behave themselves. I wonder what what life would be like if the average motorist had a lot more to lose from bad driving ...


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User3143 said:
That whole road is no overtaking and the tankee is BP so am not surprised in the least.

Good to see though.

Like that'll stop someone who wants to pass :ohmy:

Good to hear. i got a friendly wave for letting a Morrison's tanker out...I only did it so i could slip stream him home :laugh: (and because I'm a lovely person)
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