Bizarre things big data tells you you really really want

Ebay has just sent me a mail telling me that based on my previous searches what I really really need, if only I knew it, is, a

Cat hammock

A product I didn't even know existed.

Any else had any other mind boggling or just odd suggestions?

Real examples preferred rather than folk displaying their "wit", bitchiness or imagined ego.
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Power washers is one I get on a regular basis from ebay. Never searched for them there though.


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My youngest son and his wife piggy back off of my Prime acount, so not only do I see what they buy I also get all of their adverts.
Electric guitars...

I am the most unmusical person on the planet. Can't play an instrument, can't hold a tune in a bathtub let alone a bucket. No idea why fleabay thinks I need electric guitars - I tend to search for motor racing stuff. :scratch:
According to the ads here I'm only missing a wide screen TV and shares in a lithium company to make my life complete.

For some reason I only get political adverts for the CDU and FDP; both centre right political parties who I'd only vote for if the sole alternative was the ultra right AfD.


I get ads for somewhere selling ladies dresses, do they know some I don’t?
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