Bkool pro 2 power resistance problems


Hi every one,

New member with bkool pro 2 problems, trainer just stopped adjusting resistance and showing power readings correctly after working ok for 12 months. Noticed green led is flashing every two secs, trainer is showing its connected correctly to bkool simulator, tried deleting re connecting with no effect anyone had similar problem or know of fix contacted bkool but no reply yet.


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Hi having a similar issue, however mine has the power so high I can’t really peddle.

I tried to do a workout on Zwift and the warm up was 150w, which is easy, however it was only showing 40w and I could barely peddle it felt more like 600w

I’ve made no changes to my setup

I contacted BKOOL over a week ago and have heard nothing

Any help appreciated


In answer to my own question and to help any one else I never heard back from Bkool but have taken case of unit an hade a look my self. The unit works by moving two magnets along the side of the flywheel along a track. The magnets were jammed along track in mine, I managed to loosen the lead screw that is driven by a small motor with some pliers and wind all the way to the edge of the flywheel with my fingers. After cleaning and some Wd40 I was back up and running, when first powering unit the motor drives magnets out to starting position at edge of flywheel to zero power position so no need to worry about calibration when screw is moved manually. I striped casing off mine but you can see magnets and slid through black vents just above power socket and LED, vents just flip out with a screw driver you may be able to move screw with just vent removed rather than a complete strip off of covers Flashing LED probable means motor that moves magnets is jammed also casing screws are hidden by vents if you do need to totally remove best ok look.


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My Bkool Pro 2 worked fine for 12 months, now the magnets are changing every second or two and the watts go down to zero every couple seconds. Have also noticed that weight, Training frequency and Miles?Kilometers is constanly wrong, changes do not stick and no outfits show in the Avatar store. I believe the last update to the simulator is a bust but do not get any response from Bkool. Love it for 12 months, hate it now!
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