Bl**dy pedestrians..


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...had my first collision tonight - was coming up Fish Street Hill (for those who don't live in London it is a cobbled street alongside Monument) ringing my bell as City workers seem to ignore the fact it is a road.

Anyway, a bloke wearing headphones, texting and eating a Cornetto walks out in front of a parked van straight into my path! Luckily I somehow managed to stay upright and after asking if he was ok (no answer) I had a right go as he just didn't stop to look - he did seem quite upset that I was wearing his Cornetto though! :rolleyes:


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But did you eat the cornetto?


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OP should have been cone-centrating and given wafer him.


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I personally noticed that in many cases people don't hear the bell. That is why it is always good to slow down to a very slow speed and pass through busy or potentially risky areas at that speed. A few days ago I was ringing my bell as hard as I could, but the pedestrian in front didn't hear it until I came about 4 yards from him.

Never rely on the bell.
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