Blind tasting for your xmas do

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Here is something that works for everyone including wine snobs, wine charlatans, as well as those who care not for wine. Loads of fun and can be contentious and very educational even for the self proclaimed wine experts.

Make sure one of the bottles is one of the really cheap stuff from Aldi and then an expensive one to provide range, need at least 5 unopened bottles, cover the labels (don't remove it) uncork it or remove the cap in front of everyone. Do not mix red and whites. Don't include anything with merlot or the very sweet grape varietal. All glasses must be clean and either straight out of the dishwasher or cleaned with hot water to remove any residual smell.

Each particpant after tasting each round must rate from a scale of 1 to 10. Tell them if they are not familiar with wine, rate the first one as 5 so they can go up or down. At the end, they pick their preferences in rank order.. Its the rank order that is totalled not the scale.

To make sure everyone has skin in the game, a raffle is the way to go.


Why would I want to share my wine? :headshake:
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