Block Removal.


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In a bench vice, wrap the metal holder in an old rag, or papertowel, then gingerly tap the block out using a small chisel and hammer or a flat bladed Screwdriver and Hammer, putting them back is the difficult part, but that'll also involve a hammer and a blunt instrument of some sort to tap the blocks back into the metal holder, no easy way I'm afraid, just requires the patience of Job and a steady hand.

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Probably easiest to insert a screwdriver into the open end of the brake shoe and lever the old pad out rather than trying to slide it in When fitting new ones, try bending the edges of the shoes outwards slightly and apply soapy water to help the rubber pad to slide. You sometimes need to push the pad down into the housing to prevent it binding at the sides. Don't rush this job as you'll probably hurt yourself or damage the brake shoe!
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