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Has anyone ever felt the effects (to those in the know I think it's called 'the bonk'?!) of riding home after giving blood? How long was your commute and how long after donating did you ride home?
I'm donating today with hopefully a 4hr gap before riding home 6.5 miles. I guess drink plenty/take it easy, is the key...


Haven't done it for ages 'cos I apparently became anaemic many years ago and stopped doing it.
But what I don't understand is why you don't get paid for it. If they've got enough anyway, fair enough. But from what they'd have you believe, they haven't.
Even only a small amount like a fiver and i'd be motivated enough to do it. But why I'd bother to do it when I'm probably just going to get told 'no sorry your blood's not high quality enough'. You get all these heart-rendering adverts on the radio about how it saves lives and all that, but if it's that important, why don't they put their hand in their pocket?

Apparently it's good to do it before going out drinking as it lowers the amount of alcohol you need to get pissed.

but let us know how you get on...look at it this way, at least you'll be a bit lighter. Probably more of a difference than having carbon handlebars instead of aluminium ones.


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Possibly because it would attract undesirables who would lie about their health and sexual bents ?

Provided you are an accomplished doner then riding home should be fine. Just make sure you are OK before leaving the session.


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I've ridden about 9 miles directly after giving blood a few times, I just take it a bit easier. Normally however I get an appointment in the morning- my employer gives me time off to donate- and then it'll be four or five hours before I commute home.

If I donate in the season my time-trial times are a bit slower for a couple of weeks, but I've never noticed the difference in normal cycling.


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Yip take it easy Maz. Good on you though. The last time I gave, I was advised not to undertake any strenuous exercise for 24 hours afterwards, but that was new advice and I've never heard it when donating before. As it happens I went and played football and felt fine after. I think it's down to how the donation goes and how you feel afterwards. i.e. don't force yourself to ride home if you don't feel right.

Paying us for donations? Putting their hands in their own pockets - eh I think you'll find that would be yours and my pocket. I'm happy to settle for a few choccie bickies afterwards.


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I second the "well done".

Twnty six years ago i had a kidney transplant and during that operation needed loads of blood. The kidney still works and allows me to have a normal life, but without people like you it may not have been possible.

Because of all the horrible medecines i know take, i can't donate, but would if i could.

All the best.



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I find that the same day, I'm fine, but the next day I do seem to tire out more easily. Dunno why. Take it a little easy cycling home afterwards, make sure of getting some biscuits and a good drink of water/juice in addition to the cuppa, and you should be okay.


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I must admit I've had differing reactions, but have no idea why.

My first donation was done at 1pm and I played 5-a-side that night - felt fine and played a blinder (unless the other chaps were just taking it easy of course!). :rolleyes:

3rd or 4th time (I think) I cycled home that eve and was very breathless on one section which normally doesn't really trouble me - slight incline, nothing too steep though. Felt knackered when I got home. :biggrin:

No idea why the difference - felt same immediately after each donation. Very strange. :rolleyes:


trustysteed said:
i think you don't get paid cos it's blood doning as opposing to blood selling. but i could be wrong.

ah but it's not though. There's a cup of tea involved. I'm presuming you DO declare this cup of tea on your tax return maz? :rolleyes:
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