Bloody done it!

Discussion in 'Commuting' started by LabRatt, 16 Jul 2012.

  1. LabRatt

    LabRatt Senior Member

    Sarf lundin
    After all this time I've finally done it - the school holidays are properly upon us so lovely wife ran out of objections, and it wasn't pissing down with rain.
    This morning I left the car at home and came to work by bike! It's not quite five miles, but it is up and down Crystal Palace (where, I'm ashamed to say, I did dismount and walk) and I've known it take twice as long by car.
    I do seem to have trouble pacing myself on hills, but I've managed that one once before. I'll console myself with the fact that I'm rusty and I've lost my legs a bit since that accident the other week.

    So, first commute, nothing to report.

    (it's on Strava if anyone cares:
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  2. derrick

    derrick The Glue that binds us together.

    The way to go.^_^
  3. Moodyman

    Moodyman Guru

    Well done.

    It'll get easier and soon you'll be extending your commute as five miles won't not long enough.
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  4. Kiwiavenger

    Kiwiavenger im a little tea pot

    never a truer word spoken! my 5 mile commute just doesnt cut it now!
  5. I like Skol

    I like Skol Hold my beer and watch this....

    X2 10 miles each way is a nice commute and enough distance so you don't feel guilty on the days when it is rained off etc. Perhaps move house or find a job a bit further afield? :whistle:
  6. OP

    LabRatt Senior Member

    Sarf lundin
    Yeah. I'd been waiting for two main reasons. The most important was that I needed the wife to be comfortable with it (for reasons that have been discussed to death already and I'm not going into them again), but the second was knowing that I'd be facing the highest mountain in south London whichever route I took, and I wanted to build up to it.
    Eventually I realised that I won't build up to hills without tackling hills, and there's one in the area which will definitely prepare me. So I'm getting the preparation in by actually doing the commute. I expect to have the whole trip down below 20 minutes before long.
    But you're right - I've already started working out alternative (longer) routes.
  7. Jdratcliffe

    Jdratcliffe Well-Known Member

    Redhill, Surrey
  8. OP

    LabRatt Senior Member

    Sarf lundin
    I made it home too! More shameful walking on the second half of Fountain Drive and some cowardice on the descent of Anerley Hill (it being a touch moist out), but I made it.
    (Strava, in case anyone's sad enough to be interested...)
  9. MattHB

    MattHB Proud Daddy

    Well done :smile:
  10. Vikeonabike

    Vikeonabike CC Neighbourhood Police Constable

    Kudos Given Well done!
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