Blurgh.....what's this wet stuff


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Plax said:
I was lucky today. No rain this morning. It rained whilst I was at work, then I only had a few drops of rain on the way home, it didn't rain properly until a few minutes after I'd got home. Bargain. Especially as I decided not to bother with any form of waterproofs and went to work in 3/4 length shorts and a t-shirt with only arm warmers as a backup.
Lucky bugger:biggrin: Can you pick my lottery numbers please?


potsy said:
Lucky bugger:biggrin: Can you pick my lottery numbers please?
4 8 15 16 23 42

jonny jeez

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Well done Fossy and congrats of forming the most "British" of threads.

"Sod the bad news, so lets talk about the weather"

He he...fantastic

I suspect its all a cleverly planned precursor to the footy really, I rekon you're just trying to raise some "Blighty spirit" in preperation for our crashing defeat draw...err game
I'm sure I've used up all of my '12' wet commutes of the year.....but I could be wrong


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Just steady rain this morning, so took the long route in...:laugh: Bike's filthy again :blush:, another wash tonight ;)

Lights on as well, reminds to charge the batteries ;)

Most of the regulars were till riding this morning.
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