Blxxxdy Hedge Trimming!!!


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1 in the front , and 2 BIG ones and a little one in the back - fortunately none of them caused a problem on the ride, 2 days ago. It was only this morning, about to go out, that I noticed the rear tyre was a little soft. The thorn in the front tyre hadn't caused any deflation - until I removed it from the tyre!


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On C2C with about 16 kids from my son's school we rode down a lane where the farmer was mashing the hawthorn hedge and we ended up with about ten punctures to fix, which held the group up because a couple of people waited around and didn't realise they had punctures until we re-started.

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They're doing the hedges again round my way too. Around 4 miles of my 11 mile commute is strewn with cuttings at the moment.:cursing:

2 punctures so far which I suppose isn't too bad and at least those didn't need fixing by the roadside.


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Might well be so, but I'm not convinced it would be a good idea to leave all that debris sticking in the tyre/tube?
I run tubeless on the MTB and normally check twice a year, the most I pulled out was 11 thorns. I seem to live and ride in the Hawthorne capitol of the universe.

On the road bike I check more often.


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They flailed both sides of the Tarka Trail for about 5 miles the week before half term! Bet there were a good few Grockles stranded with punctures!
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