Boardman Carbon (2010?) - model identification and 28mm tyres?

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Morning all
This is my firstpost on Cyclechat (so pls be gentle with me!)

I have just bought an admittedly old, but great condition, full carbon road bike for £300.
This is only my 2nd road bike - and on a very tight budget too

I am trying to identify the exact model, and also whether I can upgrade it to 28mm tyres
I believe that it is a Boardman Team Carbon - approx 2010? (not a Carbon Pro) - does anyone know for sure please?
possibly it is this one?
I haven't been able to find a model listed anywhere on the frame

Many thanks^_^


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That looks like one of the first generation of the Boardman Team Carbons, sold through Halfords and supplied with a full SRAM Rival 10 speed set up - my introduction to modern road bikes. There's virtually no chance you'll get a 28mm tyre on there unless it's one of those that comes up very small, but a 25mm GP5000 would do just as well if you weren't on a tight budget.


Thank you - that is good to know. I will go for 25mm to be on the safe side in that case . I see that the GP5000's are extremely popular, I guess that is due mainly to their speed and puncture protection. That does seem a cracking combination, although I see they are pricey!
I'm not exactly a 'racer' at 57 yrs young, but it's hard to ignore something when so many are recommending it.
Many thanks again!


Yeap max 25mm tyres.

Choose a decent tyre and you'll be fine!

Gp4000/5000 or Mich pro4 etc.

Thanks for the info - I see many are recommending the GP 4000/5000 tyres too.
I'm not sure if they are the best ones for myself (at 57, I'm not the fastest, but just enjoy being on a bike as often as I possibly can 👍)
I'll certainly look into it with the GP's in mind though - cheers! thanks again


bloomin brilliant bikes, the current crop come in 1 kg heavier !
I have a 2011 alloy boardman and i still like it better than my 2016 team carbon

That is great to hear, thank you! - I have been having a couple of doubts since I bought it (as it's so old!) but it does run well and I really notice the difference in weight between the Boardman and my old cheapo road bike. I figure it'll do me for a little while at least - thanks again, cheers!
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