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Got this through works cycle to work scheme. Intially I was going to get a Cannodale CAAD9 Tiagra but was told I would have to wait until July/August for one. So second on my list was the Boardman.

I checked my local halfords and they had two in stock. Was asked if I wanted it built up, said no and left. My wife was with me and picked up the box and asked if there was a bike inside!!

Size wise, I'm 6' 1" and got a large, it fits fine.

Got bike home and started to build it up. Was well packaged in the box, the bell and reflectors were not on the the bike so that saved some time. After reading various reviews I checked the wheels for loose spokes but they were fine. Had to fit the brake cables, front no problem but the rear was internally routed so was expecting it to be a pig of a job, but it went through very easily.

Once built up checked everything over and took it for a ride. This bike is a lot of firsts for me; first carbon bike, first compact chainrings, first SRAM equipped and first sub 20lb bike. Initial impressions were 'god this is quick'. Found the SRAM system easy to use and found you can change more than one sprocket at a time.

I have put about 150 miles on it, and love it to bits

Bad Points - not many;
Changed the saddle because the saddle rails wouldn't accept my Topeak seat pack, saddle on different bike and is OK
Bar tape/handlebars feels thin/small (but I've got big hands)
The locking collar for the cranks came loose, retightened and Loctited so no real problems
Bottle cage allen bolts made of very soft alloy, rounded one off removing it, so replaced with stainless ones
It makes you want to go faster:laugh:

Good Points;
It makes you want to go faster
Relativly comfy
Light yet stiff
Transmission easy to use, I change gear much more frequently
Can get down on the drops and be comfortable

I check it over after every ride because I'm paranoid about the frame, but I'm sure there will be no problems. The differance between this and my 2003 Giant OCR is night and day.

If you want the specs the check out Boardman bikes website or Halfords. There a lots of little touches I like, alloy inserts in the dropouts, washers for the pedals, pierced head tube for gear cable routing, 1.1/4 to 1.1/2 headset, height markings on the seatpost.

All in all, very happy with the bike and would recommend it.
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