Boardman MX Comp 2014


My head is bursting looking at bikes all day long and comparing components I don't know much about just to get as much bang for my buck.

I have an old mountain bike at present which is done and very sluggish & heavy to the extent that I feel like I'm not moving, even more so up hill haha. I have a budget of £600 max to get myself a decent new bike for work and gym which are 3miles max from home in town so not much at all. Just roads and pavements. I have my family but we don't go riding very often and if we do it's just paths, never really crazy mountian terrain.

I thought for my Monet I could pick up hydraulic brakes and carbon fibre forks, also slightly thicker tyres than 28c as I'm not experienced, will be using it in all weathers all seasons and don't feel confident.

So in the end fed up I have reserved boardmans mx comp at 15% off so £509. It seems to fit the bill except its a little heavier than I thought i would get at 13kg, but perhaps 2kg won't make much difference?

Does anyone have this bike? Would you have recommend something else?



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They are good bikes. Simples. 13kg is OK at that price. PS You will love the colour if it's the shiny metallic silver - I like to look of the one in our works cycle parking. Lovely finish. Its a hybrid and 13kg is good.


£600 to spend? for less than £40 quid extra you can have your carbon forks, hydraulic disc brakes and 10.1 kg.
Thanks. I looked at both the comp, mx comp and team. With the reason it was online exclusive yesterday at 15%. I was torn between them all, arguing with myself and going around in circles. It would have worked out £212 more for the team over the comp. I got the mx comp for £509 so it'll of been at extra £130 for the team.

I don't particularly feel happy like I've made the best choice going for the mx conp, but I guess at the end of the day in regards it's more versatile and thus ticks more boxes in the long run. Don't get me wrong I had the Team in my basket at one point but for the distance I'm going its a 20min walk so felt pretty silly going overboard and still having to but new helmet, guards etc.

I have never ever been on a bike with less than mountain bike tracker tryes, so when it comes to those 28c, I thought initially that's what I wanted but when I went up to the store to look n I'll be honest and say they kind of worried me in a safe kind of way. Although it's experience and just like a new car, everyone is used to the car they drive until they try a friends or a new one and you notice the differences.


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You'll only notice the extra weight when going up hills.
I am currently tiding a subway as a commuter and once its up to speed its only really the gearing and tyres holding it back and its not much slower , then as soon as i get to a hill the extra 4 Kg compared to my usual commuter .............
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