Boat for Sale

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Paddy is walking past Mick's farm when he sees a sign saying "Boat for sale".

He walks up to the farmhouse and knocks on the door.

Paddy: What's all dis abewt a boat? You don't have a boat you eejit, you've only got a caravan and a tractor.

Mick: yes oi know dat, but dey are boat for sale.


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Mick's walking passed his brother's house and notices three, small, recently-dug graves in the garden.
Intrigued he knocks on the door to find out what has happened.
'Hello dare', Tom! Why've you got dose tree graves in the garden for?'
'Well, Mick, our dog died so we buried it.'
'But you've only got de one dog!?'
'Yes, I know.'
'So why did ya dig tree graves for, den?'
'Well, de first two weren't big enough, ya see!' :blush:
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