Bobbing Titanium Seat post for Brompton


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That's the suspension - it's basic elastomer.


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Rockbros do knock off everything. I've got one of their fancy 'bells' for about £3, which is an exact copy of the original that retails for north of £50.
I must admit, I was dubious for the price, but after about 15,000km of riding on it, I'm happy with my purchase. Just don't really like the seat-clip, or at least the noise it can make after an adjustment, but quite honestly, for the price, weight, and performance in the last year and a half, very happy. Got delivered in about a week too, although, when the postman arrived with this bubble wrapped tubular shaped package and he handed it to me, I really wondered initially if I'd just been sent some bubble wrap it was so light.

However, combination of this seatpost and Joseph Kousac super-firm suspension block has been great. Better power delivery uphill, comfortable for 100mile+ rides, and no bobbing at high cadence. Thanks to others on this forum for the firm suspension tip!
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