Bontrager Race Tubeless Ready or Planet X CT45


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Could anyone advise which would be the better wheels? The standard wheels that come on a Trek SL8 are Bontrager Race Tubeless Ready or would Planet X CT45 Carbon Clinchers be a better option?


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I don't know anything about the Bontrager wheels, other than they are Treks own brand (not a bad thing).

Planet X CT45's though are listed as 1801g (pair) this will be without additional weight of QR's, so not a great weight.

The design also is a bit old school, if what I am led to believe is correct.
This means they are slab sided & narrow at the brake track & inner rim when compared to the most modern Aero designs, which have a more blunted profile & catch much less wind.

There are other options out there such as Saturae, (50mm) although more expensive than CT45's for approx £700 from wiggle.
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