Book raffle, magic spanner..carlton kirby

Right , here we go , first of all I must eat my words,..... these words posted in the giro thread...

Magic spanner was recommended to me , …..….bollox I said ….no chance...:evil:

he said I think you will like it, I gave it a go , now I usually read books in the voice of whoever wrote it eg chris froomes the climb was read with froomes voice in my head, I made a conscious effort not to do it with this and even though I hate to admit it , I enjoyed it , its an easy way to lose a couple of hours, ...there I admit it...…. ive got that off my chest.

If you want to read it add your name below and my granddaughter will draw a name from the hat (if there is more than one) in a few days
I will post it free of charge with the usual stipulation, PLEASE, PLEASE, only put your name forward on the understanding that you forward it in the same manner once you've read it ( a lot of books seem to have gone astray)

So who wants it.... names below
Yes please, Rasher.


Feck how did I miss this...Carlton my hero aswell 😁
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