book raffle

  1. roadrash

    Book raffle, magic spanner..carlton kirby

    Right , here we go , first of all I must eat my words,..... these words posted in the giro thread... Magic spanner was recommended to me , …..….bollox I said ….no chance...:evil: he said I...
  2. Shadow

    Book Raffle: 'Racing through the Dark' by David Millar

    The Fall and Rise of David Millar Just finished this having passed on by Roadrash. Extremely well written, no doubt due in large part to Jeremy Whittle. Foreword by David Brailsford. If you WILL pass it on after reading, closing date is 23.59 on 24 february 2019. Hardback.
  3. roadrash

    book raffle. The man who cycled the world by Mark Beaumont

    After seeing @Shadow post a book raffle I am reminded that I have a few to pass . The man who cycled the world by Mark Beaumont the usual applies you must pass it on via cyclechat (although many haven't been in the past ) in the same manner, free of charge once you have read it , it will be...
  4. Shadow

    Book Raffle: 'On The Road Bike' by Ned Boulting

    Subtitled 'The Search For A Nations' Cycling Soul' or 'Sniffing The Yak-skin Shoe' or 'The Great Eccentrics Of British Cycling' Entertaining if you enjoy Ned's humour and informative on some of UK's lesser known early cycling heroes. Please put your name below if you would like it, you WILL...
  5. roadrash

    Another book raffle, Chris Hoy autobiography

    Chris Hoy ...The autobiography list your interest below and my granddaughter will pull a name from the hat on Saturday no charge for postage , please only list your name if you are willing to pass it on in exactly the same way once you have read it
  6. Freds Dad

    Book raffle

    I have finished "The Man who cycled the World" by Mark Beaumont after it was passed on to me by @oldfatfool so I now intend to pass it on. Just add the name to the post and I will draw someone out at the end of next week. The only proviso is that you promise to pass it on when you've finished it.
  7. EasyPeez

    Book Raffle - The Man Who Cycled the World

    By Mark Beaumont. Up for grabs. I'll pick a random winner and get it posted out at the end of the week. Cheers.
  8. gaz71

    Book raffle

    This weeks raffle is for the Laurent Fignon autobiography - We were young and carefree.Usual rules apply,leave your name and i"ll pick a winner this weekend.
  9. Freds Dad

    Book raffle One man and his Bike.

    I've finished the book I was sent by Easypeez so it is now up for raffle. Names below please and I'll get one of my chickens to choose a name on Sunday.
  10. gaz71

    Book raffle

    This weeks book up for grabs is Sean Yates- my autobiography.Usual rules apply,leave your name and i"ll pick a winner sometime after Easter.
  11. ianrauk

    Book raffle , Chris Froome....The climb

    usual rules apply add your names below but only if you are willing to re-offer on cyclechat once you have read it. Little H will pull a name out of the hat on Saturday and I will post on Monday.
  12. Gert Lush

    Book Raffle - David Millar - Racing Through the Dark

    I was meant to put this back on sometime last year but I lost it. It has now been found while I am packing to move out so it's back up here again. Honestly a very good book. I really enjoyed it and strangely I was reading 'hearing' his voice behind the words. I'll give it until Sunday 5th...
  13. EasyPeez

    Book Raffle - One Man & His Bike

    Cracking read, highly recommended. I'm not getting online much at the moment so can't be sure when I'll get chance to draw a winner and post but can't see it being more than a couple of weeks. Andy
  14. stephec

    Book Raffle

    I've an assortment that need new homes, so let me know which you're after. In the very likely event that I forget all about this could someone tag me in a post next Friday evening when I'll draw the names out?
  15. gaz71

    Book raffle

    Rough Ride by Paul Kimmage up for grabs.Usual rules apply,leave your name and i"ll pick the winner thursday evening.
  16. stephec

    Book Raffle - In Search of Robert Millar

    It's time to let this one continue it's forum journey. Usual rules apply, names out the hat at 19:00 this Sunday. It's quite likely that I'll have forgotten all about this by then, so if someone remembers could you tag me into a post here to remind me please? :)
  17. Shadow

    Book Raffle - 'One Man and His Bike'

    by Mike Carter Subtitled 'A life changing journey all the way around the coast of Britain.' Just finished reading this having acquired it in previous raffle. Winner to raffle again in the spirit of these things and pay postage please. Paperback. Ends sunday 6 november 23.59.59.
  18. Dayvo

    Double book raffle

    Time to pass on two books: Racing Through the Dark - David Millar One Man and his Bike - Mike Carter I'll be returning to England next Monday...
  19. stephec

    Book raffle - We Might as Well Win

    As passed to me by maggot and now back up for grabs. Read the story of how a squeaky clean Texan wins the world's biggest bike race. Draw takes place on Sunday evening.
  20. EasyPeez

    Book Raffle - The Rider by Tim Krabbe

    Hope mods don't mind - as I've not had a response to this in the exchange/free forum I thought I'd re-post in a busier forum. If there's no takers this time I'll consider it mine to keep! The Rider by Tim Krabbe (sorry, don't know how to do accents) is ready to re-enter circulation. It's...
  21. EasyPeez

    Book Raffle - The Rider

    The Rider by Tim Krabbe is ready to re-enter circulation. It was so good I read it twice. I'll draw for it a week today as I can't be sure I'll get chance to log in again before then. Cheers, Andy
  22. gaz71

    Book raffle

    The Victoria Pendleton book is up for grabs again as previous winner didnt send me their address.Usual rules apply and i"ll draw the winner next weekend.
  23. Nibor

    Book raffle One Man and His Bike by Mike Carter

    Fortunate enough to receive this on a book raffle and have now read it ends Sunday comment if you would like to be included in the draw.
  24. Adam4868

    Book Raffle The Rider Tim krabbe

    Passing this on for anybody who fancies a read,good aswell I thought . So usual rules apply.The draw will be made by my youngest daughter on Monday evening.(11 years old and she tells me she wants paying to make the draw !! ) Good luck
  25. SatNavSaysStraightOn

    Book raffle - The Rider

    Tim Krabbe: The Rider Names below. Usual rules apply please. Closing date end of next week.
  26. SatNavSaysStraightOn

    Book raffle - LEJOG Guide

    I have a copy of "End to End Cycle Route: Land's End to John O' Groats (Cycling) (Cicerone Guides) Paperback – 15 Mar 2012" to give away. Won't need it where I'm going... :whistle: Names below and I'll do the raffle at the end of the month. Usual rules apply.
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