Book Raffle: 'On The Road Bike' by Ned Boulting

Discussion in 'Exchange / Free' started by Shadow, 17 Jan 2019.

  1. Shadow

    Shadow Veteran

    Subtitled 'The Search For A Nations' Cycling Soul'

    or 'Sniffing The Yak-skin Shoe'
    or 'The Great Eccentrics Of British Cycling'

    Entertaining if you enjoy Ned's humour and informative on some of UK's lesser known early cycling heroes.

    Please put your name below if you would like it, you WILL pass it on when finished and are willing to pay postage. Paperback. Deadline for draw: 23:59:59 25 january 2019.
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  2. DCLane

    DCLane Found in the Yorkshire hills ...

    Me please

    Which reminds me, I've got a few to add to the list.
  3. OP

    Shadow Veteran

    This has made the draw really easy. If you PM me your address @DCLane, I'll ship it off to you.
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  4. roadrash

    roadrash cycle chatterer

    I too was surprised , used to get about a dozen members wanting books, but not much interest lately
  5. OP

    Shadow Veteran

    Their loss!
    Maybe our efforts will revive it a little.
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