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  1. simon the viking

    New addition to stable.. Road bike for Little V

    Chatting at work about cycling and how i wanted to get a road bike for little V (hes taller than Mrs V and has been trying to scrounge her Boardman) and my boss said he'd got a winter bike thats taking up space as he doesn't ride much now. its a small mens bike 51cm... viewed it and bought it...
  2. biggs682

    2017 Boardman Comp Road bike SOLD

    Boardman Comp Road bike , alloy frame and carbon forks , measures 52.5 cm centre of crank to centre of seat pinch bolt and same along the top tube centre to centre set up for me at 5 ft 10 in pictures. One previous owner from new who claims to have done 2k in miles on it and only in fair...
  3. T

    Any unwanted vintage road/racing/touring bikes

    Since lockdowns started I found fixing road bikes to be my new favourite hobby that has kept me sane and happy. If you have any old unwanted or unloved bikes you want to part with then get in touch with any photos and prices you want. Based in South Manchester and will happily collect. Thank you!
  4. Banjo

    Topeak RX road bike seat post bar.

    I have had this one about 15 years at a guess so cant complain especially as its done a lot of miles but I just noticed a crack coming away from the weld by the clamp. If I lift up on the end of the bar the crack noticeably opens up so I am lucky it hasnt fell off yet. If they still make them I...
  5. Johnno260

    Ti Road bike

    Would it make more sense to purchase a frame only, then move wheels and group set from my Merida to the new Ti frame? I would probably need a new seat post and stem and bars. One bike would go if I got the Ti so this kinda kills 2 birds, the group set and wheels are relatively new just over 1yr.
  6. Tenkaykev

    Brompton vs Road bike speed / efficiency

    There's an excellent YouTube channel created by Pam and Gilbert, a couple of folding bike enthusiasts. Loads of really useful information that's exceptionally well presented. The lates upload compares the performance of a Brompton compared to a road bike, interesting and informative. View...
  7. T

    1980's Falcon road bike 21" New tyres, inner tubes, brake cables

    Vintage Falcon road bike 21"- New tyres, inner tubes, brake cables Brand New tyres and inner tubes Brand New brake cables and housing Serviced gears Excellent saddle with no rips Age related rust marks on frame Collection from Stockport or possible local delivery Looking for around £125
  8. Shack

    Focus Carbon Road Bike - Sold

    Hi all, I'm really not using this as much as I thought I would, so offering on here. 58cm frame so suitable for 5'10-6'2 ish Full carbon frame Ultegra group set Kyrsium wheels Carbon handlebars and seatpost Charge spoon saddle Nice light bike in great condition Located 5min from jtn 28 M5 Devon...
  9. Milzy

    Small road bike.

    I’m thinking of buying a Planet X Spitfire but the wait is at least 3 months. I’m waiting on LBS for a CAAD13 but they have no forks. I’ve lost patience now. If anyone wants to sell a small aggressive geo road bike to put me on let me know. Thanks. :)
  10. J

    Bike Set up ....any thoughts

    My bike doesnt feel just right any thoughts from my video , bear in mind there's minimal resistance on turbo
  11. fasturtle

    Should I get a road bike or gravel bike instead of a mountain bike

    Hi everyone. I have recently got back into riding. I currently have an old rigid mountain bike with 15 gears and 26 inch tyres. I have been increasing my distance and I do realize that being a bit overweight and starting from scratch I will be a bit slow. When I am out on my rides I see a lot of...
  12. S

    Vintage dawes road bike

    Just bought this really nice condition Came with orginal engraved handlebars Brooks b17 saddle been stood for ten years Rode it it rides really nice and gears change smoothly does anybody know model and year its looks late fifths Just going to clean and put orginal handlebars back on with new...
  13. C R

    Blinging my road bike.

    I am looking for suggestions on how to add some bling to my black Triban RC500. I am thinking adding some colour by changing the stem bolts, headset cap and spacers and bar end caps and bar tape to orange. I had a look, and it is possible to find each of the bits separately, but not being...
  14. Oakster88

    Rear shifter not working

    Hi I've got Shimano Claris shifters. The shifter connected to the rear derailleur is not shifting back towards gear 1. It is currently stuck on gear 8 (smallest gear) if I adjust the barrel it does shift back to 6th & 7th but no further The leaver does not seem to engage to go back up the...
  15. Onthedrops

    MTB shoes for road bike

    Maybe unusual to some but I prefer MTB pedals on my road bike. I just find the shoes easier to walk in at cafe stops etc. I'm now looking for new but a bit more flashy and road shoe looking. (purists will say "buy road shoes then!) Liking the ratchet or Boa system and seeking red/black and white...
  16. NickTB

    Mountain bike with road bike gearing

    Hello all, I’ve bought myself a Marin Gestalt one by gravel bike a few months back and I’ve finally realised my back just isn’t up to the geometry. I’m thinking of getting a mountain bike for the relaxed riding position but don’t want to be spinning out on my frequent road trips. Can anyone...
  17. ozboz

    Road bike hydraulic set

    Anyone selling ?
  18. Dwn

    Ladies road bike - brake lever adjustment

    My wife has just bought her first ever bike with drop bars, and is struggling a little with the brakes.
  19. Zipp2001

    Dusted off the Road Bike !

    The last couple of days the temps have been in the mid to upper 30 degree range. I spend my winter on my trail bikes and stay away from the road, because of all the salt and sand they use. But the itch to get on the road bike is strong and seeing that it wasn't to cold it was off for some winter...
  20. gmw492

    Road Bike Prices Rise are brands cashing in on the demand

    Obviously I’m not the only one to notice but bike prices have soared , Canyon, Trek , Giant , all have put £200- £500 more on certain models of their range.This is compared to only a few months back, and now due to the pandemic a lot have sold out, has the demand and availability put the leading...
  21. Milzy

    Road bike 52cm

    My running friend Steve has picked up so many bad injuries he wants to turn to cycling & Zwift. I’ve noticed there’s horrible rubbish wrecks on fleabay for big money thanks to C-19. I told Steve I’d keep an eye out for him. He’s on a tight budget been on ambulance switchboard plus he needs all...
  22. D

    Road bike cycle spokes.

    Hello. My chain came off ,inboard and broke 6 spokes (I believe ) stainless. Has any reader experience of the price of fitting new spokes ? (L.B.S) Also truing the rim ? The wheel is not a very good quality ,so if expensivee I might buy a Shimano wheel set (the cheapest ) Thank you for any...
  23. Rockster57

    SOLD : Raleigh SP Comp Carbon Road Bike

    **SOLD** Purchased new in 2015, I've enjoyed just one outing on this quality full carbon frame road bike. Not long after I bought it, I did a few laps of Knockhill Circuit clocking up 10.73 miles in total. And that's been it. The rest of the time it has been carefully kept indoors in my...
  24. S

    Suggestions for a winter road bike.

    I started cycling in May and really enjoyed getting on the road after 30 years. I'm looking for winter road bike recommendations,as most cyclists I've chatted with have a summer and winter bike! My budget is £1,500. Ideas much appreciated.
  25. L

    Road bike frame size

    Okay been into a couple of bike shops and getting given conflicting frame sizes For a road bike I’m 5ft 8.8 but being just a fraction off 5ft 9 one bike shops telling me a 54 frame and others saying 56 frame. Looking online too it says a 54 frame but just short of 5ft 9 not sure what’s best. I...
  26. rugbyleaguebiker

    Road bike - Chris Hoy Sa calobra - Size small £225 ono

    Chris hoy sa calobra 002 road bike, fantastic condition. well spec'd road bike, made from high end aluminium and is really light. Shimano 105 gearing, shimano rs10 wheelset. almost £1000 when new and not seen a lot of use. couple of chips on top tube from shed storage. size is small 17-18" Can...
  27. Zipp2001

    The road Bike !

    Well it's been over two weeks since I last took out the road bike. Not much on the trail bikes either because lots of projects around the house. Looking to put it on the market in the future, so riding took a back seat. So today I just had to get out and I was eager to pull out the road bike for...
  28. A

    Flat Pedals

    Dear cyclist, I own a road race bike and it's fitted with a toeclip pedal, the problem is that this toeclip is a real hustle to get in and out of which I often have to because I live in the city and therefore I was thinking about buying flat pedals. The problem is that I am on quite a tight...
  29. Binka

    Road bike for a short person. ?105 groupset. ? disc brakes ? tubeless

    I currently ride a recumbent trike but looking at getting back into uprights. I've got a specialized tricross in the shed but I'd like something a bit faster and also I think it's too big for me. I'm 5ft 2", the tricross is a men's bike and is 49cm and I find the reach a bit long. I sat on a...
  30. nickg

    Road bike wanted

    I'm looking for a road bike. I'm 5ft 10 so looking for a Medium/large. Ideally I want a carbon frame but I'm happy to listen to what you have. I'm looking to less than £700.
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