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  1. Milzy

    At least 9 speed Road bike cheap.

    As I’ve been indoor training a lot recently my sweat has burnt my bartape off. I need an old hack just for the Neo. The unit only likes 9 to 11 speed cassettes. Sora would be fine. Size 52 to 54. Anybody wanting to clear their stable? :hello::hugs::thumbsup:
  2. RegG

    Mirror for road bike.....

    Ok, just a general post regarding mirrors on road bikes...... I realise that fitting a mirror to a road bike (with drop bars) is likely to be frowned upon by many purists. However, due to advancing years and less mobility in my neck I feel it may be time to consider a mirror to help me see what...
  3. packey3

    Rebuild of a 95 model Giant Allegre Road Bike

    I just acquired a 95 model Giant Allegre. It had and 8 spd Campy rear cassette originally. Currently I only have the frame, fork 42-52 front crank , and new bottom bracket. I gave very little for this frame as a project this winter. How hard would it be to build up with a Shimano Tiagra...
  4. Distorted Vision

    Just bought my first road bike!

    I've been thinking about buying my first road bike alot lately and have been researching various 2018 and 2019 models. I particularly like the Cannondale Synapse range and just bought this: Cannondale Synapse Carbon Disc 105 2018. £1550 reduced from RRP £2199.99. It arrives on Thursday - so...
  5. Distorted Vision

    Road Bike Frame Colour Schemes

    I was was wondering how important is the frame colour scheme when purchasing a road bike. Have you ever loved a bike's after riding it but decided not to purchase because of the frame colour? Which manufacturer produces road bikes with frames that you like the colour schemes the most. For me in...
  6. Shadow

    Book Raffle: 'On The Road Bike' by Ned Boulting

    Subtitled 'The Search For A Nations' Cycling Soul' or 'Sniffing The Yak-skin Shoe' or 'The Great Eccentrics Of British Cycling' Entertaining if you enjoy Ned's humour and informative on some of UK's lesser known early cycling heroes. Please put your name below if you would like it, you WILL...
  7. RegG

    Pair of Tektro R540 road bike calliper brakes in dark silver....

    I have a pair of Tektro R540 brake callipers (front and rear) which have been taken off a Hoy road bike. They are in good condition with just a little surface corrosion as can be seen in the photos. They are finished in a dark silver/grey colour. I have put them on eBay at £25 but am open to...
  8. RegG

    Reparto Corse 120mm Road Bike Stem off a Bianchi

    This is a genuine Bianchi Reparto Corse handlebar stem for a road bike. This stem is a 120mm length (measured from the centre of the steerer tube end to the centre of the bar end) and the size can be seen on the photos. The stem fits handlebars of 31.8mm diameter and steerers of 1 1/8 inch...
  9. Adam4868

    Carbon Ribble road bike

    Size large 5.10 to 6 feet.Its set up for me as is at 6 feet tall.Full Ultegra 10 speed groupset.With compact cranks and a 11/28 cassette.Carbon handlebars and tubeless ready wheels.(never bothered to go tubeless) It's got clip on mudguards at the moment just in case of rain ! Its recently had a...
  10. Grant Fondo

    Ghost Violent RoadRage 5.8 Adventure Road Bike 2018

    Anyone got one of these? Looking at one for blatting about over the winter..and a grand off to boot :bravo:
  11. G

    Adventure Road Bike?

    Hi again What is the difference between and Adventure Road Bike and a Cyclocross Bike? I’ve got my eye on this and was wondering if it would be suitable for a potential two week cycling trip I may be doing in France next summer and would it be suitable to be used as a winter/all rounder...
  12. PHL67

    Vintage Sun road bike.

    Vintage Sun bike with Carlton made frame. 60cm frame. Chrome headstock Flyer lugs and fork crown 531 frame. Original Sun brake hoods in white. Brooks leather saddle. Dunlop lightweight rims. Lightweight Gb bars. Gb Hidinium stem. Butterfly Nuts on front wheel. Nice original bike. Not...
  13. M

    Flat bar Road bike

    Looking at Purchasing a flat bar Road bike. Will be for quiet country road jaunts, ride to the pub and a small section of canal which is smooth tarmac for 5 mile. I have tried drop bars in the past and just didn't like them. It will be for casual road use as I'm a Mountain biker at heart. Seen...
  14. RegG

    **PRICE DROP** Bianchi Reparto Corse Road Bike Stem, 120mm

    ***PRICE DROP*** ANYONE INTERESTED? This is a genuine Bianchi Reparto Corse handlebar stem for a road bike. This stem is a 120mm length (measured from the centre of the steerer tube end to the centre of the bar end) and the size can be seen on the photos. The stem fits handlebars of 31.8mm...
  15. CarlP

    * SOLD * Italian Road Bike Mirror.

    I have found the other one! For sale Italian Road Bike Mirror Everything you need to know about it is in the link. In as new condition, but I don’t have the box or instructions. Anyway, this one is £15.00 posted, It's a deal, a steal, the sale of the feckin' century. Payment by BACs, ONLY...
  16. biggs682

    Forme Reve Road Bike new pictures SOLD

    Lightly used Forme Reve road bike that i was told had covered less than 500 miles and looking at the general condition i would say was true , previous owner said he had it for 3 years and it hadn't been used in the last 2 years which all ties in . Size is 22 1/4" or 56.5 cm from centre of crank...
  17. tom73

    Electric Road Bike

    Ribble just Launched an electric road bike Ribble Endurance SLe Not cheep mind you but sure look's the part will know more tomorrow.
  18. CarlP

    Italian Road Bike Mirror BNIB *SOLD*

    For sale Italian Road Bike Mirror Brand New in Box. Never been out of the box, not even for a second. Everything you need to know about it is in the link. I have another one of these which is used, that will also be for sale, if I can find it! Anyway, this one is £20.00 posted, It's a deal, a...
  19. Maherees

    Winter Road Bike

    Hi all, having just being out in the rain and occasionally pot-holed roads I am coming over to the idea of a winter bike that can take a bit more punishment than my lightweight road bike, I'd welcome any opinions on the final 3 I have in my list...
  20. I

    Flat Bar Road bike with Disc Brakes+Clearance for 40mm tyre?

    Flat Bar Road bike with Disc Brakes+ What are some models you know that fits this+ are under 11kg in weight,preferable under 10kg. have good quality components (at least Tiagra/Deore equivalent ) comes with decent wheels (not super-duper pro stuff ,but just decent enough) + are able to take 40mm...
  21. 2Loose

    Fast(ish) road bike without pressfit?

    I am still nervous of the dreaded pressfit bottom bracket creak and am looking for a new road bike. External threaded BB is a big factor in any choices - budget 2k ish. I am looking looking at the Farilight Strael and Dolan Ti ADX at the upper end of my budget, but there must other bikes...
  22. PMarkey

    Orange 753 road bike ?

    Recently picked up a Reynolds 753 frame with a few Dura ace bits still attached (Brakes,headset and front derailleur) from my local bike shop ,the bike and previous owner are well known to the shop so not someone who has just wandered in of the street ,now the interesting thing is the back story...
  23. Doobiesis

    Liv Avail SL ladies road bike - a few upgrades

    Had this lovely lady for 3 years now, bought new from Bicycle World in Longham. Have had her serviced every 12-months at Samways in Wimborne. Tiagra 10 speed gears, fizik bar tape in pink. Just had a brand new chain fitted and had her serviced so all ready to go. I am 5ft 5 and it fits me...
  24. willhub

    Use kicker snap with non road bike?

    My girlfriend wants to use my snap and wondered if an ordinary bike like one with 32mm tyres and sit up and beg would work on it ? Just for now to at least get some training
  25. C R

    Vitus Razor Road Bike 2018, any good as entry bike?

    I have been sort of thinking of getting a proper road bike for a while, and this has just come up as a suggestion for me on ebay: Are these bikes any good? I found a review...
  26. daysnways

    FS: BTwin Road Bike Triban 500- used twice! £200 ovno

    Great condition, good to go. BTwin Triban 500 road bike – medium size suit 5.7 to 5.10 ish £200 or good offer – collected – Telford area
  27. biggs682

    Ribble alloy road bike 56cm REDUCED £300 sold

    This was rescued a couple of weeks ago from a garage for the second time in 3 years , not sure of it's exateage but I think about 10 years and if it's done more than 10 miles in that time I would be very surprised. 56cm alloy frame measured from the centre of the crank to the top of the...
  28. Biker Joe

    Road Bike for Towpaths

    I've got a Carrera Vanquish Road bike . I've had it several years and I've had no problems with it. I ride a lot on tow paths around the Lea Valley Park area and the paths can be quite rough. The Carrera handles it with no problems but the frame and forks are very rigid and unforgiving and you...
  29. Maherees

    Convert Road Bike to Gravel

    HI all, I have a Merida 2016 Ride Disc 500 which is pretty underused as I tend to use my MTB but there are few mountains here in the east midlands just tracks and trails and my mtb is a bit overkill for this so I was wondering if I just got a spare set of wheels for off-road stuff for my Merida...
  30. M

    XL Road Bike (Commuter)

    Hi, After the insurance company has finally given sent a cheque after the accident, I'm looking for a cheapish XL road bike to act as a commuter. Not really too bothered about make etc, but probably in the price £200-300, and as I'm 6'4", it has to be XL and in reasonable condition.
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