Boot sale bargain.


Kilometre nibbler
Wooo that looks familiar. Some time back in the 80s a friend of mine bought one of those second hand, I remember as I went to the shop with her as bicycle consultant. Several decades later it was hanging round gathering dust and bat droppings in a barn at her bro-in-law's place and I had a trip down memory lane and tarted it up. Pretty much all still as original except the saddle which had disintegrated, and I had to replace the front mech.

Mark Grant

Mark Grant

Acting Captain of The St Annes Jombulance.
Hanworth, Middx.
He was asking £50, I gave him £40. I'm happy with that.
It was nice to see that it was original, many old bikes at boot sales seem to often have mismatched rims, one mudguard missing etc!
There were batteries in the light but not old Ever Readys and no leakage!
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