1. Suddabym

    Bargain or not ?

    Giant contend 2 Found this on eBay it says and looks mint condition. Is it a bargain ??
  2. Venod

    Looks like a bargain to me
  3. Mark Grant

    Boot sale bargain.

    I picked up this Claud Butler mixte at the weekend, 531 frame & forks, looks to be pretty original.
  4. C

    This looks like a bargain … For those inclined to do things up, £45 for an old bike from the 50s is good no?
  5. postman


    This morning I had a look at the ferns again.Something has tried to dig around them.So my idea of twigs and strong worked.But it's not that I wrote about.Two blokes are doing some building gardening work a few doors away.He sees me this morning.Do I want some pea gravel for my parking area.Wary...
  6. A

    Bargain £375 for £250

    Hi Not sure how this could be done to ensure buyer/seller protection but I have a voucher worth £375 from Tredz, had a look but nothing that really takes my fancy. Would sell the code for £250 ono and its valid for 365 days. Would anyone be interested and is PayPal the best method of payment...
  7. FrankCrank

    Bargain Brompton.......!!!! Who'd a thunk it - seen it all now :laugh:
  8. HobbesOnTour

    A little bargain US inspiration

    I mentioned this Dutch store in the French maps thread and as luck would have it I received their monthly email a little later. In the clearance (opruiming) section they have ACA maps for €2,95 - that's about 10% of the normal cost! They may be slightly out of date but they can be supplemented...
  9. Polite

    Brooks brown leather Pickwick bag, 26L.

    Impulse buy that now will not get any use. Tiny mark on the front from a note stuck to it with sellotape otherwise in perfect condition, it still has that beautiful leather smell. It has a separate padded laptop compartment, I had planned to use it for daily commute but my circumstances have...
  10. MarkF

    Bargain Dawes Discovery 601( Guiseley) Good price, especially in todays market, it would have been around £900 new. I've had loads of Discos, I'd have had this too if it was a size larger. I think this frame is 21".
  11. R


  12. netman

    New (to me) bargain Gtech...

    Fascinated by the idea of an ebike, I've been keeping an eye out for local bargains for a few months. About three weeks ago, I saw a Gtech Sport come up on Gumtree about 30 miles away - no battery as it had failed, but a bargain price of £30! I gave the chap another £10 for the charger. All...
  13. Pale Rider

    A bargain ebike

    The term bargain is over-used, but this Scott is excellent value for money at £1,600. Decent spec trekking bike with the latest 2020 model year Bosch CX motor, which is the most powerful one. It also has the bigger 500wh Powertube integrated battery. The rest of the bike is not too shabby, 11...
  14. buzzy-beans

    A small (45) well specced GIANT in excellent condition at a bargain price

    I normally only put bikes up that I have seen on the Vintage bike section, and this bike most certainly isn't vintage. Well specced with Campag equipment and all for just £160. View:
  15. grellboy

    Edge 820 now £150. Bargain?

    Just seen this. £150 seems pretty fair. Worth a punt?
  16. swee'pea99

    Basingstoke Bianchi Bargain ending in half an hour!

    I posted on the bargain's thread, but I thought it was worth an upgrade. Someone's selling this on ebay - somewhere round Basingstoke (I know, 'cos that's where my sis lives, and it came up on her local feed): It's not a terribly good listing, which may be why it's at £41 with half an hour to...
  17. Cycleops

    Di2 bargain R785 shifter.

    For those that run Di2 this seems like a bargain;
  18. mrandmrspoves

    A bargain Trice in Truro

    Looks really good for £1000! Described as belonging to her late father and hardly used. Also worth joining the group.
  19. gavroche

    Great bargain today.

    I went to Aldi this afternoon to get the ScrollSaw I had my eyes on last Friday. Glad I waited till today as I got the last one and as the box was damaged, it was reduced from £69.99 to £35.00. Happy chap!!
  20. DCBassman

    Bargain, SDJ?

    90s, I'd guess from the shifters. Cro-Mo, and pretty damned light, too. Will lose the bar ends, give it an oily rag job in a minute, and if all well, take it out for a blast! Oh, the bargain? £7.00
  21. kingrollo

    Bargain Bianchi ?

    Given that bianchi always carry a premuin price - how much of a bargain is this ...its older 105 - would I be able to put a 32 cassette on ? 2018 version is £2500 ?
  22. Kernow_T

    Wanted: Bargain 11sp wheelset

    Suitable for my new bike (Giant Propel 2) and I (89kg). Off-loaded the stock wheels (PA-2) as almost every review suggested, whilst smooth and fast, they were flexy (not ideal at 14st on Cornish roads). After something relatively swish, speedy and light and robust and cheap (I know I know); a...
  23. Kernow_T

    **trying elsewhere**Super bargain bundle - see amendment **pics added

    Bits not currently needed (and not likely to be anytime soon) 105 5500 caliper brake Tektro lever FSA 110 stem Touring saddle (vgc - cpl of v small marks) SRAM 9sp chain (plenty of life) with link 'bit' Rear rack with bungey Tatty SL drop bars w/stem Cinelli crit bars Topeak Rando bag with...
  24. robjh

    Bargain rail fares in East Anglia until 16th February

    Bargain fare alert! Greater Anglia are offering some very low fares on weekday off-peak journeys if you book by 16/2/18, for travel up to April. I've just done trial bookings for Cambridge-Sheringham return for £10 (normally £18.70) and Cambridge-Southend for £10 (normally about £45). Use...
  25. accountantpete

    sold ; SRAM Shifters/ Rear Mech Bundle

    Go Sram for £55. Basically your existing 10speed Shimano chainset/front mech/brakes combo will work equally well if not better. All you do need is the shifters and rear mech. So for £55 posted you get a pair of shifters - Right Apex lightly used (with a couple of scratches to the lever which...
  26. mrandmrspoves

    ICE Bargain?

    New on Gum tree today.
  27. Kernow_T

    NFS Bargain bundle

    Got a few nice bits let over (that I haven't got an immediate use for) from a take it all or nothing at all bundle so don't wish to deprive you good people of the chance to own it - 3TTT forma SL ergopower bars 40 c-c 25.8 (according to Velobase according to another most helpful chatter) clamp...
  28. yogiblair

    Bargain Track Pump @Aldi

    Thought id share this. Was in local Aldi today and they had a pile of “Bike Mate” track pumps for sale at £2.99. I picked up a couple, one as a spare that I’ll likely keep in the car and one I’ll give to my brother who has started cycling. It’s not as good quality as the Joe Blow Sport 2 pump I...
  29. Blue Hills

    Podsacs small saddlepack - good? bargain?

    This: In current Planet X offer at £20. I'm hardly likely to get into big time bike packing but it might be handy for short 2 to day trips on one of my faster bikes - with its minimalist rack, small 13 litre drybag on top...
  30. Kernow_T

    Sorted***Wanted: bargain 31.6 carbon seatpost

    Schoolboy error meant I sold, very cheaply, a seatpost I should have kept - relied on Google for information rather than walk the 15 yards to the shed to check. £10-30 (absolute max) posted
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