Bargain Track Pump @Aldi


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Thought id share this. Was in local Aldi today and they had a pile of “Bike Mate” track pumps for sale at £2.99. I picked up a couple, one as a spare that I’ll likely keep in the car and one I’ll give to my brother who has started cycling.

It’s not as good quality as the Joe Blow Sport 2 pump I have, but have just tested it and it does the job.

The best bit is when I got to the till they scanned as 99p each. Bargain of the day for sure....


Had mine for a couple of years.only slight prob can be is if you push the Presta part of the connected to hard onto the valve the lever can be a little stiff to close and can bend the valve stem. Only needs to be pushed on lightly befor closing the lever

Good bit of kit.
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