Bored at the Office?


Excellent :biggrin::biggrin:


My office goes in an uniterrupted circle so we could do laps! Not sure what the clients would think though.

One other post caught my eye on there when I was watching this one titled 'sneeze while I pee'. Work safe? I doubt it.:biggrin:
Yes, bored in the office, but our IT systems have blocked access to Youtube. So I can't even see what I'm missing. Trying to ration visits to this site, as too much web access causes a cost to my department and I have to make something up about the 'work-related' websites I've been visiting!


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Imagine four or five chaps in a line, on office chairs, propelling themselves backwards along the office, while miming a rowing action. And they are 'towing' an office chair with a girl sitting in it as cox - she may be shouting 'stroke', I haven't got sound.

Then, a little way behind, another chap riding a bike shouting at them through a megaphone..

:biggrin: Made me laugh!
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