Bottom Bracket Woes

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I think I have finally tracked down the creaking, which has been driving me slowly insane, to the bottom bracket. I have therefore decided to replace the offending item in an effort to restore mental stability, but would like some advice -

Fitting a Campag Veloce square taper BB to a Ti frame should I use grease ( any particualt type), copper anti-seize, some other anti-seize, thread lock, snake oil, chip fat ?

Park tool recommend their anti-seize for Ti frames but also say
"It can sometimes happen a bottom bracket can creak where the lockring or cups meet the bearing body. To prevent this, apply a thread locking compound such as Loctite #242 to the inside area of removable ring, where it meets the body. This will help prevent any creaking in the future. With plastic rings, do not apply any thread locking compound."
So where exactly do they mean to use thread lock ?

Hoping you can help, all advice welcome !

Tim Bennet.

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Hi Andy,

Before you replace the bottom bracket it is worth doing a couple of things. Firstly check if there is any lateral play in the BB: grasp the end of each crank near the peddles and alternatively try to push and pull (pull and push the other) in and away from the frame, ie at right angles to their plane of rotation. Can you feel any play ?

If so, go ahead and replace, but if not, just try refitting the one you have got. Don't worry about Loctite at this stage, just lather anything that bears on any other surface with (ideally) a Ti compatable anti sieze from your bike shop. It's worth getting some, as the seat post and all bolts should be smothered in the stuff. And even then, remove the BB, alu seat post, bolts every year and re do it, or even more often if you use it on salty roads.


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As Tim says, if the bearings feel smooth, and there is no 'play' - after you've re-tightened the BB (drive and opposite side), then it should be OK.

The very slightest hint of the BB not being fully tight will cause creaking - even cartridge ones - might look tight, but the drive side can sometimes come slightly loose.
The mantra which was drummed into us at plumbing school is;

'If in any doubt, refer to the manufacturers instructions'. If you can stop yourself from laughing at the Italian/English translations, modern installation instructions are very comprehensive.

The replacement BB is unlikely to feature a lock ring anyway, its old technology.
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