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There's an audible click coming from the BB area when I pedal hard. Looking at the new models its probably a square taper cartridge type. I've tightened it via Allen key in the past but this has not worked this time, Am I right in thinking that this is the only maintenance I can do and I'll probably need a new BB? The bike has done 4800mls, is kept in doors, kept clean but used on road in all weather is this typical? (how long is a piece of string)


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Sounds about right if your riding it in all weather.
Square tapered do you mean?
They are cheap enough to replace.
Even your LBS would prolly only charge £10-20 max on top of the cost of the part for fitting.


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No Trek MTB needs it's going into the LBS hopelly on Saturday 1st March. It creaks and has play in the cranks....albeit a small amount.
Dormouse said:
Have you checked that the bolts holding the chain rings are tight? These will make clicking sounds if loose.
Thanks for the tip, although they weren't loose there was play in a couple. I don't usually take that bike on the commute but I'll take it tomorrow and see if thats done the trick. If not it'll be of to a lbs to get a new BB. Should I attempt this my self ? I've got the tools bar a torque wrench (I really should buy one ;)), will any square taper cartridge BB do?

Just had a look on line to check out my options, whats the difference between BS BB and a IT BB?

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BS refers to English threads, in which the chainside cup has a left hand thread. IT means Italian, where both cups are right hand thread. Italian BB's are mostly only found on Italian frames, but if you state your make of frame someone will know which threads you have.

The square taper BB needs to be matched to the chainset, if you tell the retailer what yours is he should supply the correct BB. Online retailers generally state which BB a particular chainset needs.

You won't need a torque wrench.
Noises can come from lots of different places, the crank/BB axle is just one possibility. I had a really loud and embarrassing creak which occured in time with the cranksand sounded like it was coming from the BB shell area, I checked everything, had the BB out, stripped the pedals, locktighted the chainring bolts, lubed the cleats- everything. To no avail. It was so loud that people could hear me approaching before they could see me. Like a creak but louder. Honestly it was monstrous, and on a recently assembled super-bike at that. Oh the shame. It was the saddle rails. Ti rails in an Easton post, solved with a smear of copperslip.

Dont go splashing out on a new BB until you are 100% sure that its the cause. Have you checked that the BB cups are tight?
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