Bottom brackets.

Discussion in 'Bicycle Mechanics and Repairs' started by Kiwiavenger, 18 Jul 2012.

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    Im thinking of changing my bike to run 105 stuff. Have upgraded the brakes to 105 and pedals as well. Im watching some 10 speed shifters on the bay and if I get them will be.looking tp change the drivetrain sharpish!

    The only thing im not 100% on is the bottom bracket. It's running a 2300 groupset at the moment, will the bottom bracket work with a 10 speed system? It's for my allez running standard 2300 groupset

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  2. PpPete

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    allez / standard 2300 groupset ? depending on age this could be a square taper.
    I think new 105 stuff is all Hollowtech II so you will need appropriate external BB cups, tool to get old BB out, different tool to fit HT II.

    There is nothing wrong with old fashioned square taper though... it is not in any way incompatible with 10 speed systems, just that Sh*mano went down the road of "it don't break, so we make no money on spares, so we'll feck about it with until we find something that that needs replacing every 3000 miles"
  3. the snail

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    No you'll need external bearings, plus probably to get the bb refaced so the bearings are aligned properly.
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