Bought a new flat today . . .

. . . with the misses, of course!

About £200,000 with a 100% mortgage! But the economy is strong here, interest is low and salaries are good. :biggrin:

So I should be worth a few bob when I'm 70! :smile:

Funnily enough, the flat is in the same road as Stephenite's girlfriend! And if he moves in with her, I'll reclaim (as far as I know) my spot as CC's most northerly forumer in the world! :sad:

As it stands at present, though, he lives about 10 miles away further north! :smile:

So once we get settled, if anyone (within reason) wants to come over . . .! :biggrin:


Corn Fed Hick...
...on the slake
£200,000 - that's enough for 24 pints over there!!

Well done Dayvo! :smile:


Good luck you two!

and thanks for the invite :smile:


just passin' through
Thanks, folks! :biggrin:

It's the right thing to do, I suppose.

Most of my oldest mates and contempoaries who did the career/family thing are divorced and unhappy and haven't done too much, whereas I've played and travelled for nigh on 30 years.

I will still travel, but not on my own: she likes cycling, bumming around and camping, although she did the conventional thing, too.

There's still a lot of the world I'd like to see and places to visit, but, as I mentioned, if anyone (within reason :smile:) fancies a trip over here for a long weekend/passing through visit/touring holiday, they'll be made very welcome! :biggrin:
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