Bourne, McClane, or Bond...?

Discussion in 'CycleChat Cafe' started by andyoxon, 24 Aug 2007.

  1. Jason Bourne

    1 vote(s)
  2. John McClane

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  3. James Bond

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  4. Spartacus

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  1. andyoxon

    andyoxon Veteran

    Bourne, McClane, Bond...?

    Thought I'd widen it from the traditional Bourne vs Bond...:biggrin: Saw the Bourne Ultimatum on hol in Penzance - pretty good.
  2. col

    col Veteran

    bourne for me,just watched his first two films,very good.
  3. strofiwimple

    strofiwimple Über Member

    Richard Greene as Robin Hood would beat them all with one hand tied behind his back.
  4. Ghost Donkey

    Ghost Donkey Guest

    You missed Sportacus from the options.
  5. papercorn2000

    papercorn2000 Senior Member

    Fecking Sportacus, don't get me started!
  6. Noodley

    Noodley Guest

    Errol Flynn as Robin Hood would be able to beat them with both hands tied behind his back - allegedly :biggrin:
  7. Noodley

    Noodley Guest

    He is fantastic. Robbie Rotten in pirate guise is also a bit cool.
  8. Shaun

    Shaun Founder Moderator

    Bourne for me - on book two of the trilogy at the mo :biggrin:
  9. col

    col Veteran

    Nah, secret squirrel,he's the man.
  10. Chuffy

    Chuffy Veteran

    Who's John McClane?

    John Inman. Now there was a true action hero. :biggrin:
  11. papercorn2000

    papercorn2000 Senior Member

    Danger Mouse, now that's a hero!
  12. papercorn2000

    papercorn2000 Senior Member

    I hate to promote stereotypes but Sportacus is hardly likely to leave much in the way of progeny.
  13. Big Bren

    Big Bren New Member

    Sportacus and his pals are like some horrible cheese-dream - weirdness taken to a whole new level!

    I'd have to say Bourne; watched the first two films on ITV2 this week and they knock all the Bond films into a cocked hat. I know Bond has the weight of history and the cache of cult status, but he also has high camp, misogyny and some bloody awful storylines.

  14. got-to-get-fit

    got-to-get-fit New Member

    Yarm, Cleveland
    AWWWW C'Mon Sportacus can do press ups using outspread fingers...ive never seen bond or bourne or mclane do that.
    Plus bond drinks like a fish, mclane is fat and bourne is a cheeseburger munching american.......they are all robbie rotten in disguise if you ask me.
  15. Dayvo

    Dayvo Just passin' through

    Deputy Dawg would 'ave 'em all! ;)
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