Bow Flyover Westbound- New Traffic Scheme



Big T said:
We have a similar flyover on the Nottingham ring road at Dunkirk, but cyclists are banned from using it and have to take their chances on the roundabout underneath.
Tha is one hell of a Ring Road- the largest in the world? ;):evil::biggrin:


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I use this every day too, I normally just stick to primary position in the middle lane on the approach to the flyover allowing cars who want to to overtake on the right to overtake while discouraging people from overtaking and then swinging sharp left in front of me to go off left to the roundabout, this then turns into the only lane of the flyover where I make sure I am in the middle blocking any dangerous overtaking. Luckily I can get up there pretty quick anyway so I've never had any trouble doing this.


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Elmer Fudd;30571][quote name= said:
I think it may have something to do with the 2012 Olympics. I heard that they were going to put a dedicated traffic lane in place only for use by Olympic staff, athletes etc.
WOW ! A dedicated lane for olympic staff, that should get at least 4 weeks use.[/QUOTE]

see for info. It doesn't look as though the flyover per se is part of the "Olympic Vehicle Route" but the associated roun-a-bout is.



Tynan said:
I'll guess and say they want to calm it down by making it single lane

that or the flyover can't take the strain of two lanes of vehicles

and no consideration for cycles natch
are you rothbook? You are, aren't you! Ousted!
No that was an ordinary camera fixed onto the handlebars.

I've got a rear view of my ride somewhere.Will look for it tonight although it's 45 minutes long.
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