Brake lever recommendations please

Discussion in 'Fixed Gear and Single Speed' started by turbo tim, 1 Nov 2007.

  1. turbo tim

    turbo tim New Member

    Putting my Shorter fixie project together, Retro classic steel jobbie.
    Need a front brake, but not sure I like the look of conventional drop bar brake lever, sort of spoils the lines somewhat. So I'm thinking of a lever mounted on the top of the bars adjacent to the stem.
    Anyone able to make a recommendation of which make and where from. Happy to splash out for the right lever.
    Or talk me out of it and I'll fit some DiaCompe levers I've got iin the shed.
  2. bianco

    bianco New Member

    Dia compes are the way to go.

    I bought one from that have adjustable leverage so they can be used with cantis or v-brakes. Only problem was they took ages to deliver.

    Although a little expensive I really wanted the gold finger, it really looks the part.

    Just make sure you don't get one that has pull for v-brakes, even a lot of the bmx levers shown on ebay are for v-brakes. They wont work well.

    Good luck
  3. peejay78

    peejay78 Well-Known Member

    i'm using a diatech gooldfinger, it could be what you're looking for. nice and discrete. you can see it in this picture...

  4. peejay78

    peejay78 Well-Known Member

    in fact, here's one on my fuji, closer...

  5. get the cane creek 200tt they are sweet as nuts
  6. OP
    turbo tim

    turbo tim New Member

    As someone else on another forum pointed out, brake hoods are very handily placed for when you are climbing, out of the saddle stylee.
  7. harman_mogul

    harman_mogul New Member

    Inner London
    Standard Tektro drop brake lever said to be very good -- fitted by Pearsons to their Touche fixed bikes. If you want to pay more for the same thing with a prestige brand go for Cane Creek. Or alternatively Shimano R600.
  8. Nice bar set up Spondex, Answer Hyperlite bar-ends! Scarce.
  9. peejay78

    peejay78 Well-Known Member

    those cane creek levers look cheap.

    the bar extenders make it look like a reindeer.
  10. MrGrumpy

    MrGrumpy Huge Member

    Fly Fifer
    you ain`t half critical, its only bloomin bike ;)
  11. peejay78

    peejay78 Well-Known Member

    it's a nice bike.

  12. MrGrumpy

    MrGrumpy Huge Member

    Fly Fifer
    it actually is quite nice without drops, maybe bullhorns would of been nice, but its smart i`ll give it that.
  13. Weighs a ton mind.
  14. the cc 200tt's are £29.99 for the set so not that cheap.

    and the barends look like reindeer? ok if thats what you see thats what you see. but it rides f**king grate so if some one thinks it looks like a reindeer thats up to them
  15. You say that about mine whats the weight of your lefree ha i bet you cant even get yours off the ground by your self?. the paddy is 1/2lb lighter then the langster and thats aul with carbon forks and seat post.

    so go and get your self a new set of scales mate.;)
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