Brake pivot lubrication


Here is a silly question but with autumn and winter fast approaching.
What is the best lube for the pivot points on the brakes.
I mickle the chain and have no problems there its just what is best to repel the water, but lubricate without collecting the crap thats on our roads.


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WD or GT85 or a drop of oil.
The answer is grease Chris.
Final answer.

Presuming, that is, that you want to take the beggars apart and are confident that you can get the tension right when you reassemble them. So probably thin chain lube drizzled in and thoroughly wiped off afterwards. And wiped off again after a few miles. And again after a few more miles. The reality is that most modern brakes are so well sealed that they scarcely, if ever, need lubing.

Oh how I love coaster brakes.
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