Brand new bike strange noise.


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I have just purchased a dectholon fit 500 hybrid bike. Nice bike but there seems to be a strange noise coming from the back wheel, at first thought one of the spokes might loose. Also checked the reflectors were not loose but I am now at a loss what could be making the noise any ideas or suggestions would be appreciated.


Hi what sort of noise is it?
There are a few possibilities ,brake rub ,wheel rub ,gears , etc

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Check that they took the little, stuck-on adjustment guide off the front derailleur, (don't ask me how I know). Produces a constant ticking as it catches the chain in some gears.
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If you have not done so, raise the rear wheel and spin slowly both ways by hand without touching the pedals. You should be able to isolate the source if it indeed the rear wheel.


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Sorry was at work still making noise checked for loose spokes. Chain was hitting cage at one point bike has a free service might take it in sat save me messing about with it.


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It's not messy - just work out which of the two screws on top of the front derailleur is the approrpiate limit screw and adust it half a turn.
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