Brand New "Notes" CTC's Redesign

Discussion in 'CycleChat Cafe' started by John the Monkey, 27 Apr 2016.

  1. John the Monkey

    John the Monkey Frivolous Cyclist

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  2. Dave 123

    Dave 123 Guru

    The new one is..... well, not dynamic. That's about all really.
    Probably cost a few quid too!
  3. mjr

    mjr Comfy armchair to one person & a plank to the next

  4. AndyRM

    AndyRM XOXO

    Whitley Bay
    "Lads, we need a new logo."

    "Get Steve to do it, he's got an iPad at home so must know about fancy stuff."

    "Good idea!"

    Poor Steve, it's not his fault, but no wonder he didn't want his name attributed to that disaster.
  5. Fnaar

    Fnaar Smutmaster General

  6. postman

    postman Legendary Member

    Meanwood ,Leeds
    We are cycling,we are cycling.home again, to be free

    I am sure Sir Road Stewart could put a tune to those words and make a good song out of them.
  7. ufkacbln

    ufkacbln Guest

    Many of my bikes have a CTC transfer, all of the "winged wheel"

    The pathetic child's drawing never made any of my bikes or trikes and the new one...well

    After the charity debacle and now the rebranding, it is time to leave
  8. AndyRM

    AndyRM XOXO

    Whitley Bay
    Thanks for the link.

    After a bit of a read it seems they paid £14k for a 5 month consultancy/design period which isn't an unreasonable sum of money for a quality piece of design.

    Unfortunately they have not ended up with a quality piece of design. I suspect that so many folk have been involved/had a say that the designer has probably just said "F*ck it, if that's what you want, here you go."

    Either that or they are absolutely useless and should retrain.
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