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    I've had the 'sunglasses' since 2003.

    As long as you keep them in good nick they last.

    I got them from Chamonix in france from an online and actual shop in the town via the web. With a HC Plus lens & 4000 lens seperate - this was the only place doing this.

    The total price worked well comparable to an english equivelant.

    Now, the deal you get now with these glasses is that you get a
    Plus 80 lens (quite light - but not clear) and a Grey/Dark lens (for Sun - obviously :wacko:).

    I feel it quite sad that Briko are not doing the spec. of lens I bought at the time and have now changed lens spec. as oulined above.

    Fit of glasses - lens in front of the eye is imperative to me as I feel its got to protect, not fog, shield from the Sun. The lens on these is quite unique in only clamping to the frame at the narrow bridge section of the lens and so are free of the frame and air can circulate so they are quite fog-free though not totally at not many times.

    Going by my lens' I have, the HC Plus gives a real pink/reddish outlook and can make a summers evening seem even better.

    Where'as the 4000 lens is like an all-rounder: in absolute bright / white conditions it fails terribly and can see why Briko put the Grey lens in the box instead of the 4000 lens because of this.

    I'm not sure of the resulting conditions / visual apparancies - the Plus 80 lens gives but with it being brighter its a good 'always' eyewear if your NEVER without your glasses !

    I'd buy another pair of these mainly for the Grey & Plus 80 lens'

    It is difficult to remove the 'one piece' lens from the frame but I find that putting them under a tap then push the lens at teh top right next to the bridge section eases the lens from the frame - the water easing the pressure.

    They should have put 4 lens in the box the Grey, 4000, HC Plus & Plus 80 then they would have been a great deal.

    Briko have many other products available now and the sprinters remain a good buy.
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