Broken Glass!!!

Anyone else noticed a correlation between certain current events concerning a football team which commands some jingoistic following in these isles, and the quantity of broken glass scattered on our urban highways?

Certainly I noticed a marked increase on Saturday, compared with most days, following a less-than-satisfactory evening involving said team... ;):evil:B):biggrin:

I anticipate, assuming next Wednesday's almost-inevitable repeat outcome (:blush::evil::biggrin:), an even greater accumulation of the stuff on our roads. And not just around the pubs.

Be careful out there!
Nope. But then the certain football team in question doesn't have a huge following in these parts....;)


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magnatom said:
Anyway, the bigger issue on Wednesday won't be broken glass surely? Will it not be broken hearts?;)

For anyone north of the border, that broken glass has surely come from throwing stones in a glass house.



magnatom said:
Nope. But then the certain football team in question doesn't have a huge following in these parts....:blush:
Nope, I don't suppose it would, sorry!

Actually we are going to be north of the border (Stirling B)) next week (sans bikes I'm afraid). I was rather looking forward to escaping all the frenzy of Inger-lund-mania that I was expecting would be sweeping the south of the country during Round 2. But it looks rather now, as if there won't be any frenzy to flee from! ;)


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I'm lucky - I've never had a glass related puncture in 4 years of commuting. However, I have had a blow-out a 130psi (scared the bejeez out of me), and more thorns than you can shake a stick at.. (pathetic pun not intended I promise)... In all seriousness - part of my ride is through a park - you get a couple shady types around there.. and they havent quite got the hang of "glass goes in the bin".. so have to weave around shards almost every day...
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