Broken tilt and turn window -advice please


Can you get at the handle screws Paul ?
Is it a plastic upvc job..

if its a plastic window one screw will be under a plastic cap..the other is under the handle.

remove the screw with the cap the other under the handle so u can remove it and then see if it will turn using the window mechanism
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Stuck gasket..that happens to mine once In a while. I usually bang the frame with a clenched hand, it usually pops it.


[QUOTE 3650043, member: 45"]We have tilt and turn windows. One of them is stuck in the closed position, with the handle turning freely.

Does anyone know how I can get it open to fix it?[/QUOTE]
Get one of you locals ne'er do wells / criminal element to have a look. They will have it open in seconds.


Probable best to call a window dr man Paul as they will know how..

anyone like this in your area? Or a window fitter may help
think its repairable but a new window may be cheapest option
[QUOTE 3650725, member: 45"]Thanks. I've just remembered what it was I liked about you.[/QUOTE]
Get it in the corner or it'll bounce back and kill you.


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Tried the metal strip idea. Assuming you can open one half of the window & insert the strip. You have then the problem of trying to get it past the rest of the locking mechanism. The closer to the "locked" section the harder it becomes.
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