Brompton, Dahon or Birdy?

Discussion in 'Beginners' started by adam2008, 11 Apr 2008.

  1. adam2008

    adam2008 Well-Known Member

    Which is the better folding bike?
  2. There's a guy who looks just like you who's cross-posted this in Commuting...
  3. Twenty Inch

    Twenty Inch New Member

    Behind a desk
    You're not asking the right question.

    Try asking yourself: "What do I want to do with it?" and then look at the three options.
  4. OP

    adam2008 Well-Known Member

    Commuting and to take it on the train. Plus easy maintance; I hear that bromptons are a pain when it comes to have a flat back tyre???
    Thanks, Adam
  5. byegad

    byegad Guru

    NE England
    In short.
    Bromptons are brilliant folders.
    Dahons Ride well.
    Birdy has suspension.

    People will tell you how far they've ridden on a Brompton, or how well their Dahon or Birdy folds or how smooth their Dahon or Brompton is on poor surfaces.

    It's up to you but remember you are buying a dual purpose item. All dual purpose items are a compromise. The trick is to pick the balance between functions which suits you bast.

    I own a Dahon Matrix-V 26" wheel folder that is not at all commuter train friendly, a Dahon Speed-Pro which rides almost as well as my full size tourer and folds small enough to take on a bus and a Phillips Boardwalk for taking on holiday which folds slightly smaller than the Sped-Pro and is cheap enough to park anywhere!
  6. Bromptonaut

    Bromptonaut Rohan Man

    Bugbrooke UK
    Rear punctures on a B are undoubtedly a pain, but with decent well inflated tyres they're few and far between.

    The B has the best fold and smallest folded package amongst your options. If you go for one of the front pannier options luggage is a cinch. Folded folders are all unwieldy; the trick is to postpone the fold as late as possible and unfold as soon as you leap off the train (or even in the vestibule). An unfolded brompton with loaded front pannier can be wheeled under the control of two fingers on the saddle.
  7. PrettyboyTim

    PrettyboyTim New Member

    You could always put a puncture-resistant tyre on the rear wheel; I have Schwalbe Marathons Plusses on my bike and they seem to be pretty well respected for their puncture-proof properties. Certainly I've not had a puncture with them yet but then I've only had them since December.

    I'd be very suprised if they don't do Brompton-sized versions.
  8. Lively

    Lively New Member

    I have ordinary marathons on my Brompton. They grip a damn sight better than the ones supplied with the bike. However I find them rather harsh.
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