Brompton project


The camo design is beyond cool.
I hate to say I’m not a fan of that, probably my age! But I love the bike.


The Busch & Muller Mu rear light arrived in the week and I finally unboxed it this evening - it's certainly as small as they advertised it to be :laugh: Some Jagwire pro mtb brake cables also arrived yesterday, so this evening I re-cabled the little Brompton and fitted the rear light.

Whilst re-cabling I also swapped out the flexible v-brake noodles for solid ones - the flexible ones introduced far more friction that I had hoped. By swapping back to the standard noodles, fitting the jagwire cables and modifying the routing slightly I've managed to reduce friction significantly and have positive feeling brakes for the first time on this build :becool: The cables originally fitted were only ever meant for testing the routing and as is often the case I didn't get it quite right first time :laugh:

For the rear light I've heat shrunk the connectors and run the cables down the seatstay then through the chainstay with the Di2 gear cable. Here it is before I took out the slack and cable tied everything back together...



It then follows the brake cable up to around level with the stem hinge before doubling back and running down the front brake cable where I've soldered the joint and again heat shrunk over the top.


And after the obligatory spin test...




It's difficult to make out from the pictures, but it's a bright little bugger for its size :laugh: I think if I were planning to use it in anger at night I would take a second rear light, but this one is absolutely perfect for the bimbling about its likely to see :laugh:


The poor little thing has been moved about a lot in the months I've owned it, but it finally seems to have found itself a spot in the garage to call it's own ^_^ The old speedo next to it will hopefully find a new home soon too :laugh:


So, aside from a few very minor tweaks, I think it's now as I set out to achieve :ohmy: I think I've finished a project :ohmy: To say I'm pleased with the result would be a massive understatement, it's a fabulous little bike which I hope to put a few miles on now it's finished 😊 I've decided not to put it up for sale, at least not in the short term. I think you're right @Gunk - I would regret selling it if I move it on now :okay:

There likely won't be any bicycle related projects for a while as I started digging big holes in the garden this afternoon for an extension, new driveway and some drainage work :whistle: That little lot is likely to take a big chunk of my time in the coming weeks and months :laugh:
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