Brooks Mens Flyer - Honey


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Poole, Dorset
Just to let you all know if interested, Amazon have the Brooks Mens Flyer in Honey colour on their site for £58 !! I looked at it for ages before buying one as it seemed too cheap, and I can't believe it's a fake - the pictures seem to be the standard Brooks ones (which means nothing I know). The only odd thing was that they also had a picture of the Flyer special on the same ad. It is being sold by Amazon rather than through a third party - again, I know that doesn't guarantee authenticity, but at least it means the returns process would be relatively easy.
Anyway, there it is, thought I would let you know. If anyone has definite proof that I've just bought a lemon, let me know :-)
if it turns out to be a lemon , put it on your pancakes today :okay:
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