1. RichardB

    FA: Carlton Corsair 1979, 23", very original, 531, Brooks, Carradice etc.

    1979 Carlton Corsair in Bronze, fantastic condition and very original - hasn't been messed around. Brooks B17, Carradice Nelson, new tyres, NOS 14-34 rear cluster (very hard to find). Bought 18 months ago to satisfy my need to revisit my youth, but that itch has now been scratched and I need the...
  2. S

    For sale brooks b67 saddle

    Nice tanned brooks leather saddle b67 In really nice condition very little usage See all photos 65.00
  3. Shack

    Brooks C15

    Nice saddle with no structural faults just some aesthetic wear to cotton top over rubber saddle. It's nice enough, just prefer my B17's £40 local pick up (Mid-Devon 5 min from JTN 28 M5) or Happy to PP and post for £45
  4. Harril

    Second Hand Brooks Saddles

    I've seen a couple on e-bay with out of shape leather. Are they still worth buying in that condition?
  5. Velochris


    Used but good condition. £55. Price includes postage within the UK, which will be deducted if collected (Blackburn, Lancashire).
  6. Teamfixed

    Brooks Pro saddle

    Well yes, looking for one of these please.
  7. Steeler

    Brooks Challenge saddle bag (small)

    For sale, Brooks Challenge small saddle bag, Honey - Used (twice!) VGC - £60
  8. randynewmanscat

    2020 Brooks saddles, a question on hide quality.

    I own three Brooks professional bought in the 70's and maybe 1981. They are all to my liking and I need another this year to build another bike. I took a look around the net today and my eyes are almost bleeding from the ill and uninformed bo**ox I have found, mainly Brooks vs Selle Italia...
  9. J

    Do women also experience Brooks love?

    I have read several threads in which most posters rave about Brooks saddles. My wife is considering the B17 short (the “women’s model”) now. Its lack of a cutout makes me wonder: do women revere Brooks saddles the way men do, or did I fail to realize most Brooks fans/fanatics are men? I invite...
  10. TAV

    Brooks saddles

    Hi I've just bought a Edinburgh touring bike I'm going to change the saddle I'm looking at a c17 saddle but how do you know if it's the right size at the moment I'm ridding a bike with a 144mm width saddle.
  11. biggs682

    Garage Clearance Various items updated 14/02

    Got these Brooks saddles listed on bay if anybody interested make me an offer SOLD
  12. Shropshire65LW

    Brooks B17 special £60

    Brooks b17 champion saddle ,slight discolouration to one patch if I polished the seat up you wouldnt probab see it , ive mended the listed ive been told this B17 special with the copper rivets, Not a Champion as previously listed postage via Hermes / PayPal friends and family or /...
  13. Ruraldean

    To Brooks, or not Brooks?

    Hi. Having decided to cherish my old but immaculate Pioneer Trail rather than upscale, my mind has turned to the question of saddles. At the moment I'm doing a leisurely 10km every couple of days, so nothing earth shattering, but I've fancied a Brooks saddle ever since starting riding again...
  14. TTSS

    Brooks Flyer Special leather bike saddle - Brown £85. Sold.

    For Sale: Brooks Flyer Special in Brown. Treated underneath and used on a display bike only. Comes in its' original box. Everywhere seem to be out of stock atm. £95 posted to standard UK post codes. I know it won't be cheap to post (Post Office saying between £8 - £10 with a signature)...
  15. N

    Brooks B67 near new SOLD

    SOLD Came with a bike I bought. Looks unused. Seller insisted only done 300 miles in 8 years. Looking at the bike and saddle more like 3 miles. £42 posted via Hermes.
  16. C

    Brooks renovation

    Long story, but I have been swapping saddles on a few bikes recently. It left my Raleigh Competition without a saddle, so I started browsing eBay but people want too much for old tatty Brooks saddles. So I thought it may be an idea to have a go at renovating an old B15 which I picked up a few...
  17. gom

    Brooks tension nut slipping

    The tension nut on my road bike’s B17 slowly turns under tension - and my weight - resulting in excessive sagging. Any tips to stop this?
  18. taximan

    Brooks saddle failure

    I bought a Sun Snipe Bike in 1962. It was fitted with a Brooks B17 saddle which outlived the bike by many years and has been in more or less constant use on a series of other bikes for almost 60 years . Sadly however I think it has come to the end of the road as the leather has started to split...
  19. Johnsco

    Brooks saddle failure.

    Can you beat a Brooks saddle ? Well - It's looks like you can. This Brooks B5N was fitted to my Carlton road bike in the early 1970s (possibly the 1960s). I soon got used to it and used it for years, until the bike got laid up in the garage about 35 years ago. A friend of mine had borrowed it...
  20. Polite

    Brooks brown leather Pickwick bag, 26L.

    Impulse buy that now will not get any use. Tiny mark on the front from a note stuck to it with sellotape otherwise in perfect condition, it still has that beautiful leather smell. It has a separate padded laptop compartment, I had planned to use it for daily commute but my circumstances have...
  21. TTSS

    Brooks flyer special leather bike saddle - Brown. Free P & P.

    Treated and fitted but never used. I've sold my touring bike and this, sadly has to go as it just won't suit my MTB. New & boxed. It took me ages to get hold of this as everyone is out of stock even when they say they aren't ! Collection preferred but I will post to standard UK post codes...
  22. funk2monk

    Brooks Saddle

    Would anyone know the age of this Brooks B90/3 saddle please. Not seen the Brooks logo written like this so guessing it’s an early one?
  23. Cycleops

    Any Brooks experts?

    While browsing in one of the local bike shops that sell used bikes from Europe and the US I spied a very dirty and dusty Brooks saddle. I asked the owner how much he wanted for it and he said 2Ocedis (about £3) so I took it. It’s a Swift, but the sides seem to have moved out a little. Can this...
  24. Dwn

    Brooks Flyer - noisy

    A few months ago I decided to try out a Brooks Flyer on my hybrid bike, having previously had a B17. It was fine at first, but recently had developed a horrible, loud, creaking noise from (I think) the springs. I've tried a bit of oil but it seems to make no difference. Is this normal for...
  25. TTSS

    For Sale: Titanium Brooks B17 Special - Dark Brown. Sold

    For Sale: My Brooks B17 Special Titanium version with Ti rear saddle loops. Never been adjusted. Always used Brooks Proofide on it. It looks black in certain light but it's Chestnut Brown. It's in lovely condition with a few marks and a slight scuff when my bike got caught in the wind as I...
  26. S

    Brooks Cambium saddles - ?

    I use my Dawes Fox to commute during these sunny days, but having been so used to the B.17 on my 'regular' commuting bike, in comparison, the Viscount VRT on my Dawes is now less than comfy over distance. :dry: As the Dawes is only used during the summer on alternate weeks, there's no point in...
  27. H

    Breaking in a Brooks Saddle

    I'm fitting a brand new black Brooks Swift saddle to my restored Holdsworth Mistral and must confess I've never owned a Brooks.........would be very grateful for advice on any pre-treatment to the leather that will improve water resistance and perhaps help "break in." I've a horrible feeling the...
  28. olivertomberry

    Brooks C17

    Anyone tried one? How comfy are they? Durability? All feedback gratefully received...
  29. D

    Brooks Hoxton wire basket

    As anyone got for sale a Brooks Hoxton basket Thanks
  30. russ.will

    Brooks Cambium equivalent to Swallow

    I bought a Brooks Swallow to compliment the build I did of a Classic Raleigh frame. I chose it based on its width being basically the same (153mm v 155mm) of my Specialized Romin Evo Pro; a saddle that was chosen (with guidance) as suiting my arse and riding profile. The thing is, with less...
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