1. D

    Brooks Flyer - noisy

    A few months ago I decided to try out a Brooks Flyer on my hybrid bike, having previously had a B17. It was fine at first, but recently had developed a horrible, loud, creaking noise from (I think) the springs. I've tried a bit of oil but it seems to make no difference. Is this normal for...
  2. TTSS

    For Sale: Titanium Brooks B17 Special - Dark Brown. Sold

    For Sale: My Brooks B17 Special Titanium version with Ti rear saddle loops. Never been adjusted. Always used Brooks Proofide on it. It looks black in certain light but it's Chestnut Brown. It's in lovely condition with a few marks and a slight scuff when my bike got caught in the wind as I...
  3. S

    Brooks Cambium saddles - ?

    I use my Dawes Fox to commute during these sunny days, but having been so used to the B.17 on my 'regular' commuting bike, in comparison, the Viscount VRT on my Dawes is now less than comfy over distance. :dry: As the Dawes is only used during the summer on alternate weeks, there's no point in...
  4. H

    Breaking in a Brooks Saddle

    I'm fitting a brand new black Brooks Swift saddle to my restored Holdsworth Mistral and must confess I've never owned a Brooks.........would be very grateful for advice on any pre-treatment to the leather that will improve water resistance and perhaps help "break in." I've a horrible feeling the...
  5. olivertomberry

    Brooks C17

    Anyone tried one? How comfy are they? Durability? All feedback gratefully received...
  6. D

    Brooks Hoxton wire basket

    As anyone got for sale a Brooks Hoxton basket Thanks
  7. russ.will

    Brooks Cambium equivalent to Swallow

    I bought a Brooks Swallow to compliment the build I did of a Classic Raleigh frame. I chose it based on its width being basically the same (153mm v 155mm) of my Specialized Romin Evo Pro; a saddle that was chosen (with guidance) as suiting my arse and riding profile. The thing is, with less...
  8. fixedfixer

    Now SOLD: Brooks Ladies Standard B17S saddle

    The Brooks Ladies Standard B17S in tan leather with black rails is in really good condition, has been used but not a lot. The adjuster remains in original position,no stretched leather etc. Great saddle in a great colour that would complement any bike. Comes with that nice little adjusting...
  9. rogerzilla

    Is this Brooks dead?

    Tear right through to underside, not a surface crack (which will usually heal with Proofide and use). Ebay photos didn't show it clearly and it's not mentioned in the description.
  10. Hugh Jampton

    Is Brooks Leather Bar tape still good?

    Hi Guys Recently invested in a Brooks saddle for my bike. After a few hundred miles riding, this is now becoming very comfortable and my ass is very glad of it! Now to balance the look of the bike and to obey Velominati Rule#8 i would like to add the matching Brooks leather bar tape. Pricing...
  11. biggs682

    2 x Brooks B17 champion standard SOLD

    First up is this Black Brooks B17 champion standard leather saddle with little signs of usage , some marks on rails where it's been clamped . Some very light scuffing on rear corners but that's about it . Asking £45 plus £5 postage or can be collected from nn8 Wellingborough postcode . Sold...
  12. lilolee

    SOLD Brooks Cambium Saddles

    Brooks Cambium C15 Natural Rubber Saddle. Slate Grey (carved) and Natural Both in Good Used condition and very comfortable (I just slightly preferred the C17) Natural £50 inc P&P Slate £55 inc P&P
  13. Andy in Germany

    Breaking in a Brooks...

    My brooks Flyer has arrived. Happiness reigns. Next question: is it wise to put it on the bike ready for a hopefully 100k ride on Wednesday? On the one hand I don't have a Brooks shaped backside, but on the other my last saddle broke in way faster as soon as I started making longer rides...
  14. jamin100

    Brooks C15 Saddle

    Brooks C15 saddle. used condition, 2nd class postage included in price £65
  15. Andy in Germany

    Alternatives to Brooks saddle Proofhide

    What alternatives are there to the Proofhide for Brooks saddles? The stuff Brooks sell seems very pricey but there must be people putting wax into leather that isn't Brooks approved. Any suggestions?
  16. biggs682

    Brooks B17 Standard laced with aged finish New SOLD

    Brooks b17 standard laced aged finish . Brand new never used or mounted see pictures , complete with original box , spanner and instruction paperwork . Saddle has been removed from the backing card as has the spanner . Collection from nn8 Wellingborough postcode or can be posted . Asking £60...
  17. Polite

    Brooks B17 saddle in honey. *SOLD*

    Used but unwanted or needed anymore. £30 plus postage (collect Hove) or sensible offer. PayPal friends and family. Thank you.
  18. robgul

    Brooks B17 Special in brown

    Brooks B17 Special in Brown (large copper rivets and copper plated rails) Brand new, removed from a new bike. RRP is £122, best price online is £95 - asking £75 incl delivery. Please PM Rob
  19. EltonFrog

    * SOLD* Brooks Challenge Saddle Bag. Brown.

    Used but in very good condition. Recently treated with proof hide. £35.00 inc p&p. Payment by BACs.
  20. C

    Brooks B17 or B17 narrow?

    Hi, I've ordered a bike and it comes with a Brooks b17 saddle. I have the option of swopping it for a brookes b17 narrow but I haven't sat on either and can't get to anywhere that has them in stock to compare I'm sure the b17 is very comfy but the narrow seems to be a shape I'm more used to...
  21. gareth01244

    Brooks cambium C17 slate

    I have for sale a brooks cambium c17 in the slate finish. It's been out on about 5 rides and is like new, I'm selling it as I have replaced it with a specialized romin to match my main bike. Looking for £52 posted.
  22. russ.will

    Brooks saddle sizing

    I've picked up a nice Raleigh SPD 531 frame that [owing to a rattle can spray job] is ripe for doing a post-modern restoration - New groupset etc, but keeping the look as retro as possible. This means I want my first, overdue, Brooks saddle but even the sportier numbers seem to be wide compared...
  23. Andy in Germany

    Brooks saddle cracking

    So, about a decade ago I got a Brooks saddle. I am not one of those people blessed with a Brooks shaped backside, but eventually one of us broke the other in and it's been pretty comfy for much of the time. Only thing is I've noticed a few surface cracks. Nothing dramatic, just a couple of fine...
  24. Z

    Brooks Cambium C17 Natural Colour Sold.

    Little used saddle in excellent condition. No marks, tears or other damage. The picture makes it appear darker than it is. It's a dark grey in colour, more akin to a pencil lead. £50 posted.
  25. TTSS

    Brooks Cambium C17 Carved (Natural Preferred).

    As per the title. Will need to be posted. Please message me if you have one that you're willing to part with.
  26. Gez73

    SOLD!!! Very rare Brooks X Movember saddle... Any interest?

    As per pictures. Won by me in 2015 at Eroica Britannia. Couriered to me at home as we were not onsite for the draw. One of ten made. Immaculate condition. Would suit a bike shop or maybe a nice mancave. Should be displayed and be seen. Not sure of value but certainly a rare saddle. Will offer...
  27. jay clock

    Mouldy Brooks saddle. What to do?

    I keep a few bikes and other things in a lock up garage about a mile from home. I only pop in once every couple of months. It doesn't seem very damp but my Brooks B17 on an unused (mostly!) touring bike builds up a layer of green mould over that time. A wipe with a cloth sorts it. A much...
  28. ricksavery

    Brooks Mens Flyer - Honey

    Just to let you all know if interested, Amazon have the Brooks Mens Flyer in Honey colour on their site for £58 !! I looked at it for ages before buying one as it seemed too cheap, and I can't believe it's a fake - the pictures seem to be the standard Brooks ones (which means nothing I know)...
  29. stelencro

    Brooks B17 Saddle

    In very good condition. £50 posted
  30. TTSS

    SOLD - Original Brooks Conquest in Dark Brown with large Copper Rivets.

    Selling this lovely Brooks Conquest in dark brown with large copper rivets. This is the original Conquest and not the re-made version currently for sale at Brooks. Will come with a tin of proofide. It is in amazing condition with no drying or cracking. £65 including 1st class P & P to...
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