Brooks team pro Ti.


About a month ago I bought a Brooks team pro ti when someone here posted a 45% off coupon. I thought I would share my thoughts so far on it.

To start of with, I had to buy another seatpost with a large setback so I could use it. This is because Brooks saddles have very short rails. This was a bit annoying but knew that it would be probable before I bought it. This is what I went for.

Now on to the saddle, when it first arrived it was very commutable but I was getting aching hands. I decided to tilt the nose up a little bit. It relived my hurting hands but made my pelvis hurt. After countless adjustments I managed to get a set up that was good. It made me think if most of the people that moan about them being comfortable just didn't put the time in.

I turned it upside down to fix a snapped chain and got a little scratch on, after a few applications of proofide it just looks like a blemish, not a scratch.

Over all I'm happy with my Brooks saddle, but I also think it would of been overpriced at the RRP.


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I agree that one has to spend some time finding a comfortable position. It's not always easy but it can be done.

Overpriced? All titanium brooks saddles are overpriced in my view and I don't think I would ever buy one. I have 6 standard Brooks saddles though.
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