Bugger, I forgot t opost this Yeterday!!!

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Just call me Chris...
I took my first ever scalp on my commute yesterday :angry:

And, he was a skinny fella :biggrin:

And, I was already 13miles into my commute :sad: (although he was on a MTB)

I first saw him, about 100 yards in front of me and realised I was gaining on him.

This in itself was novel. Sonce I've been cycling (MTB's since February) I've become accustomed to hearing that distintive hiss of tyres momentarily before another lithe figure on a road bike would sweep past me, leaving me spinning in a small cloud of dust. In fact, it was frequently a 90 Year old, on a pre-war shopping bike, or a child, or a lampost. Anything and everything used to hammer past me.

But, back to the story....

I caught him, then gave a cheery "good morning" as I swept past, catching sight of a startled and dismayed face at seeing some lardarse streak past :blush:
Unfortunately, the road turned into a steep, damp and leafstrewn section and I feathered the brakes all the way down, still unsure of these strange roadie "rubber band" tyres.

At the bottom is a very busy roundabout, even at 6:30am. I glanced behind me and he was only 500yds or so behind, the frantic swaying of his front light giving clue to his pursuit mode pedaling rate.

I dismounted at the bottom, and took the shared path option to negotiate the roundabout. Crossed it, got to the other side and the bar-steward had taken the road option :blush: and passed me as I rejoined the road.

Suitably chastised, I followed behind but then the road climbed quite steeply as it crossed the motorway.
He stood in the saddle, I spun away, and YES, I was gaining, again :smile:

I sat behind him a the top, and when I could be sure it would appear effortless, hammered past once more with another cheery "good morning, again," settled into the drops, and kicked the door firmy shut.
My legs were on fire 10 minutes later, but of my first ever victim, there was no sign.

Job done :biggrin:


The Tour de France game: one point for every cyclist you pass, lose two points for every cyclist who passes you.

Sounds like you'll soon be winning :blush:


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I found myself in a similar situation...creeping up quickly on a lycra clad roadie...yeSS! I thought this is my big moment...I sped past with a sligh internal smirk...as I passed, the old dear (at least 80) wished me a pleasant morning:sad:
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