Building up.


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Well 2019 is turning out to be a good year,cycling wise.After the problems with the prostate,i have just been looking back on entries on Strava.Late 2016 and most of 2017 ii was rubbish.From June through to September 2018 i had not improved much doing only 280 miles.Well i told myself if i did not get any better this year i would pack in.So i have started to go out by myself I began late March and have slowly built up,first ride was a hard trip to Otley and that is a flat 22 miles.It's now May i have been out seven times and have a total mileage of 206 miles,not a lot compared to you lads and lasses,but yesterdays 52 told me i am doing things right and i am back and on the right track.I am so pleased.


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It's a good feeling isn't it! I did 30 miles solo today with a cafe stop and enjoyed every mile. That's only about my fifth ride this year after two shoulder ops. The shoulder is aching now but every time it gets a little bit better. I went out for a weekday evening ride on Thursday with my former regular buddy, he took it easy and we had an enjoyable trip out with a pub stop but today I didn't fancy getting my legs torn off by the local shop group.
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